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Windows Compatability issue with Creo Elements


Windows Compatability issue with Creo Elements

Hi all.

I am attempting to run Creo Elements for the first time on my machine, which is an HP Z800 with Windows 7 installed.

Has anyone seen the warning prompt when you open Creo Elements that states " Internet Explorer 8 embedded browser failed to initialize and is running in Internet Explorer 7 compatability mode".

I can't seem to get around this prompt.

Thanks, Justin

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Elements/Pro or Direct?

You could opt for Firefox (Motzilla). Or you could try IE 9.


I am also experiencing this as well as everyone in my office. I believe it has something to do with my security settings since I am not the administrator. I have logged a case with PTC about this last week. I will update this thread when (if) I get a response.

One work around I have found is to use the option of "windows_browser_type" and use the option "mozilla_based_browser". What is funny about this is that I don't have mozilla on my computer but I don't get any warning windows popping up. Creo feels more need to give me a warning about compatibility mode than to tell me that I am asking for an option that can't be done.

Hi Justin...

Set the option display_ie8_warning_dialog to no.

This will resolve the problem. There's also another fix involving a registry setting but simply adding that option is the fastest way to solve the issue. It's just a warning, it's not an actual error.



This is another reason why PTC support is not very good. The man opened a ticket about this LAST WEEK and it's Wednesday and he has no response. Yet I'm able to provide a reply in 30 seconds because this is a very well known problem with a super-simple solution.\

This should have been a no-brainer for any PTC Customer Support tech worth his salt.

RESPONSIVENESS is key here people (at PTC)... absolute blazing fast responses to simple questions should be the norm. Customers should be THRILLED that you can answer their question in the blink of an eye. You're missing the easy wins by letting such simple questions go unanswered for a week.

Thanks. I just ran across this thread, and this solution worked perfectly for me and my co-workers.