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64bit mixed toolkit applications


64bit mixed toolkit applications

Hi All,

We have been using mixed Pro/ENGINEER and Pro/INTRALINK toolkit
application for quite some time. Of late we have received some 64 bit
machines where we want to run INTRALINK and 64 bit Pro/ENGINEER. For
which we attempted to build the customized application in a 64 bit
machines but failed and I think the reason to be the INTRALINK libraries
supplied by PTC is not supported in 64 bit machines. Is there any we can
build 64 bit mixed toolkit applications.

Currently we are running Pro/ENGINEER * 32 bit, Pro/INTRALINK * 32 bit
and customized application in 64 bit machines.



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I'm a bit confused with your email. You say that you have 64 bit machines
so I assume you mean that the OS (Windows) is 64 bit. But you also say
that you are using 32 bit Pro/ENGINEER which is the source of my
confusion. You cannot run a 64 bit Pro/TOOLKIT application within a 32
bit session of Pro/ENGINEER. So I'll answer your question with the
assumption that the OS is 64 bit as well as Pro/ENGINEER. You can no
longer create mixed toolkit applications that are 64 bit compatible. What
you need to do is split the code. You need to create the Pro/TOOLKIT
application and compile it for 64 bit and then create a 32 bit
Pro/INTRALINK Toolkit application. The Pro/INTRALINK Toolkit application
must be spawned by the Pro/TOOLKIT application. It's kind of a pain but
that's the only way you can get 64 bit performance out of the application.
Additionally each client machine would have to install the Pro/INTRALINK
Toolkit Environment. The environment batch file must be used to setup the
proper Pro/INTRALINK environment. Then the batch file must call the

There is a big HOWEVER though. If your mixed application is simple or
full asynchronous then you can continue to compile it as a 32 bit
application and it will work fine with 64 bit Pro/ENGINEER. But if its a
synchronous application then I would suggest following the aforementioned
procedure of splitting the application into a 64 bit Pro/TOOLKIT
synchronous dll and a 32 bit Pro/INTRALINK Toolkit executable.

Read the Pro/ENGINEER API Wizard under User's
Guide->Fundamentals->Developing a Pro/TOOLKIT Application->Application
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