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Creo 2.0 Toolkit-Dialog Editor


Creo 2.0 Toolkit-Dialog Editor


last year PTC promised to deliver a WYSIWYG editor for Toolkit dialog boxes starting with Creo 2.0.

Does anyone if there is an exe in the install tree that's doing this ???



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I think the name was GUIDE ... but I think also they renamed him to something else like "Widget UI Generator", but I'm not sure.

I have installed the Creo 2.0 but don't find a link or something else to get these Tool started now.

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The new name for GUIDE is CURE. Customer User interface Resource Editor? The Widget UI Generator is a separate tool for dashboards.

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Two tools, 'guide' and 'ribbon designer' were mentioned while in discussions with PTC in November. Does anyone know the status of either of these?


Sharon Barber


I'm definitely curious about the ribbon designer. I found the ".res" file for it (looks like it was last edited back in 2011), but can't seem to figure out if they ever finished it. Anyone have any newer detail?

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