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Creo 2.0 for manufacturing rant...


Creo 2.0 for manufacturing rant...

Good morning,
Is it me or is everybody else that is running Creo 2.0 manufacturing
running to a lot of issues with stuff that use to work in WF5.0 and before
now do not work in Creo 2.0? I am running into a lot of issues since going
to Creo 2.0.

When in the process manager and adding a template for a machining sequence
the tool number is now whatever the original template was saved as. In WF5.0
and before when you add a machining template in the process manager the tool
brought in with the template is the next one in sequential order. My tool
numbers are all over the place jumps from tool 1 to tool 8 and there is
nothing in between.

Case# CC12111621
Yesterday I used volume rough with profile only for the rough option. In
WF5.0 the tool will just machine one pass down the wall of the mill window
and apply a wall scallop height for tapered walls. But on my sequence it
will add extra step overs that is away from the part almost the tool
diameter so it is cutting air and then will cut part on the next pass. So a
cycle time that should be 30 minutes per feature now is double because of
the air pass.

Case# C#12113019
Today I used cust traj sequence with helical approach and lead out to do a
helical routine. In WF5.0 and before cutter comp will be instated but not no
more in Creo 2.0. I have been spending an hour or more on trying to figure
out why cutter comp is not being instated in the CL file like it used to
before Creo2.0.

I feel like I lose hours trying to figure out all these bugs and then more
hours trying to explain the issues to Support. There are more issues that I
have run into that I don't have the time to call support for because I have
work to do. I hope the manufacturing team sees this and hope they at least
try all these new releases before they release them to us.

I am on Windows 7 64bit
Creo 2.0 M110

I wish I can go back to WF5.0 until they get all these simple bugs figure

Really frustrated with all thes bugs I am finding in Creo 2.0.

Son Nguyen
108 w. 2nd Street
Assaria, KS. 67416
(785) 667-7763 ext. 3477

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