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Creo TOOLKIT licence issue


Creo TOOLKIT licence issue

Hi all!

I've been developing a plugin for Creo for a while now, I wish I had found this place ages ago!

However, the question I'd like to ask is perhaps not quite within the scope of this board. It has to do with license administration more than TOOLKIT use, so I'm just throwing it out there in the hope that someone else has had the same problem.

I have, of course, searched through the forum archives, and while I did find a few issues that were similar to mine, they held no solutions and were, furthermore, quite dated.

When I first started developing for Creo, the license I had allowed me to register and run a plugin with Creo without running protkunlock on it first. Naturally, I still had to unlock it before wider distribution, but this was not an issue as I don't send it off too often.

Now, as you probably know, the unlocker holds the TOOLKIT licence for 15 minutes after unlocking. No problem for regular releases, of course! However, when my last licence expired I had a new one sent to me from PTC.

That is, I had TWO licences sent - the first one did not work so they sent me another.

The problem I have now is that while Creo starts up fine on the licence and protkunlock acknowledges the presence of a TOOLKIT licence Creo requires me to unlock my .dll before installing it! This means I cannot make a change more often than every 15 minutes, obviously a MASSIVE hindrance in dealing with the often quirky toolkit API!

Does anyone have any idea why Creo thinks I don't have a Toolkit licence or what I can do to make it stop?

Thanks in advance,

- Sean Geggie

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You are the second person that I've seen today experiencing this problem. This sounds like a definite bug to me. I would create a critical with PTC technical support to resolve this issue.

Patrick Williams | Engineering Systems | o: 616.698.3766 | c: 616.947.2110

Hi Sean,

I am not sure about the problem but it seems to be a feature option in your license file. Can you tell me what is the value set for the 'ENV=PROE_FEATURE_NAME' environment variable in your proe1.psf file. You will find this file in <proe loadpoint=">/bin directory.

Hi guys,

I wrote yesterday to Patrick and he recognized me that I should look in my extended license configuration. And he was right.

If I get the Toolkit license especially in the extended licenses everything work correct.

My Backgroundcolor changes to black since that, but I think this problem is somewere else ^.^




Thanks a ton, guys!

I had a look in my "parametric1.psf" file. Sure enough, there was the


Line. Changed the argument to 14 and now Creo successfully opens locked .dlls!

Thanks again!

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