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Default text style in drawing


Default text style in drawing


does anyone know if it is possible to get information about the current text style set in a drawing?


User can set the current style via "Format / Current Text Style".

Creating a note via Toolkit I think the note's font and size is taken from the settingsof thedrawing options. Font and size can be controlled when creating a note, but for that I first want to know what the current settings are.

(By the way: I hate 2D...)


We are on Wildfire 5 M070,



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I don't think you can access those properties for the whole drawing but
you can definitely get them for an individual note. ProDtlnoteDataGet()
and subsequent ProDtlnotedata*() APIs can retrieve this information.
Otherwise you might want to check in to options. Lastly you
could read the file identified by the drawing_setup_file option
but that effort is not supported by Pro/TOOLKIT. To change those
properties use another setup file and call ProInputFileRead().

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