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mapkeys with View Manager - overwrite existing view?


mapkeys with View Manager - overwrite existing view?

I have a question regarding using mapkeys with View Manager (we're in WF3).

I have a mapkey that saves the current view as "V1" and another mapkey that
orients the model to saved view "V1". So far, so good. However, the issue
crops up when the model already has a view called "V1" and I try to run the
create view V1 mapkey. When this happens, it tries to create a new view
called View001, and since my mapkey includes the "OK" to close the View
Manager box, I get a confirmation asking "Abort view creation and exit?" Is
it possible, using mapkeys, to create a smart one that overwrites V1 if it
is present, or creates it from scratch if it's not? Right now my workaround
is to have two different mapkeys for creation of V1, one if it's already
present, one if it's not. I'd like to simplify that down to one.

I have a feeling what I want to do is only available by creating a toolkit
or jlink app; hopefully I'm wrong.

Thank you.


Lyle Beidler
178 Muddy Creek Church Rd
Denver PA 17517
Fax 717-336-0514
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I'd try recording your mapkey on a part or assy (that difference may
cause you grief too) with a view V1 and record a sequence to delete the
existing V1 and then create a new one.

The goal here would be that if V1 is present, it's deleted before the
new V1 is created; if V1 is not present nothing is deleted and V1 is

I'd test it on a part/assy with other named views where V1 is in a
different place in the list and again on a part/assy where this are
named views but not V1 and again where there are no named views. One
would think that the mapkey would record 'select the view named V1 and
delete it' but I've seen it do something like 'select the third view on
the list and delete it.'

Good luck,

Doug Schaefer
Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer
5-Regular Member

Lyle I created a mapkey a few years back to do this very thing. The key
is to create the mapkey using File > Orientation > Reorient. Start with a
file that already has the views you want created. Enter the view name in
the "New" box and hit "Save". You will see a warning message asking if
you want to override. Change the NO to YES. Do this for all your views
and each time the mapkey is ran it will overwrite all existing views with
new views.

Hope this helps

Mike Phillips
Sr. Mechanical Systems Technologist
Network Centric Systems
Raytheon Company

+1 (972).344.4056 (office)

6620 Chase Oaks Blvd
Plano, TX 75023-2310

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Thanks to all who replied. I got two good suggestions:
1) have the view creation mapkey delete the existing V1 view; if it exists,
it will delete it. If not, it will ignore that and skip to the creation.
I'm embarrassed that I didn't think of this one. (thanks Doug Schaefer &
Wayne Nivens)

2) Instead of the View Manager, choose View > Orientation > Reorient. This
will allow you to overwrite the existing view (thanks to Michael Phillips)


Lyle Beidler
178 Muddy Creek Church Rd
Denver PA 17517
Fax 717-336-0514
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