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Model Zoom


Model Zoom

I have a user that is working with models that have curves with very large radii. When he does a refit (zooms so everything fits the screen) the part can sometimes disappear since the axis the radius is based on is so far away. Is there a way to just zoom in on the geometry?



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Hi Andy,

I just did a quick search on this and it appears to not be possible.

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Hi Andy,

I just did a quick search on this and it appears to not be possible.

Thanks for the quick reply Clint. I will bring this up at the TC meetings and see what we can make happen.

That's why we have saved view.

I ran into another one yesterday...

I was saving views and as I changed simplified reps, the saved views were at different origins and scales.

All I want is solid geometry to fit on the screen. I also want my saved view to remember screen positions and zoom states.

Does this sound like a worthwhile Product Idea?

I think this is a good Product Idea. shouldnt need a saved view for something this simple but that might be my only option.

This sounds like a great idea. I am fed up with looking at models the size of a pin head, all because a datum point or axis was placed on rad centre. Makes spining the model next to impossible also. I can remember one occassion where the solid model was so small relative to my screen, i couldn't even find it.


Refit To Visible would be nice.

I agree. If it were Refit to Visible, then WYSIWYG and it would be intuitive (something PTC struggles with).

On a similar note, why do the sides of the pick window for Zoom In not represent the edges of the graphics window? Only the top and bottom of the pick window are treated this way. The sides of the pick window represent imaginary edges quite far from the sides of the graphics window (about 3 inches on my screen). Is there something I have set wrong or is this normal for Creo and another possible Product Idea improvement?

21-Topaz I

It's always been that way.

In all the other graphics programs I've used that allowed window selection, a tall, narrow selection would be sized exactly to the vertical window dimension and a short, wide selection would be scaled to exactly fit the horizontal window dimension. PTC uses some other method. I don't think I ever noticed it fitting either one exactly, but instead scaling the image to 80%, so I window smaller than I want to get the window filled.

Other graphics programs also have Zoom to select, so that a sub-item can be centered and zoomed. This is somewhat handy in Dia and Gimp as you can select elements that aren't currently on the screen from the layer menu.

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