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Pro/toolkit help


Pro/toolkit help

I have an application that is seeking two surfaces contained in a weld feature. I'm using the Pro/toolkit COMM api. I can see the two surfaces used to define the weld feature inside of ProE (see image below).

The best I can seem to do is a ListParents (CpfcFeatures componentList = feature.ListParents();) on the weld feature which returns the two components (two flat plates) from the assembly, but this doesn't help me find the surfaces.

Any Pro/Toolkit experts out there will to lend me assistance? It is much appreciated.

Weld surfaces.JPG

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About which API are you talking - Pro/TOOLKIT (C, C++) or VB (Visual Basic)?

Sorry...I am using the VB toolkit.

Is the Pro/toolkit in C/C++ much more advanced than the VP API?

Yes, that's why the license is so expensive.

I am not sure but VBAPI is having least functionality.

You can try below on Drawing file with Pro-Toolkit:

- collect all symbol instance having name as weld type

- Collect leaders associated with symbol (ProDtlsyminstdataLeadersCollect)

- Get attachment of All leaders (ProDtlattachGet)

-Get model item of attachment (ProSelectionModelitemGet)

-Get surface from Geomitem (ProGeomitemToSurface)

I have not tried this but it should work.



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