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VS 2008 project settings for WF 5.0


VS 2008 project settings for WF 5.0


Now I am looking for correct project setings in VS 2008 to make application for WF 5.0.

Currently I am getting linking errors with following project settings.-

DE- VS 2008
Project type- Win32 console application.
libraries - pt_asynchronous.lib protoolkit.lib prodevelop.lib wsock32.lib mpr.lib psapi.lib ws2_32.lib libcmt.lib
ignore specific library - libcmtd.lib
C-C++->code generation - Multi-threaded Debug (/MTd)

This are the parameters i think causing linking problem. Remaining paths to the include & obj directories were set properly.I am getting the linker errors as follows-

Error 1 error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol _NetRemoteTOD@8 referenced in function _NetRemoteTOD_thunk protoolkit.lib

Please let me know correct project setting or this.


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Use MS VS Help to look up the function name. On the page, it will identify
the library to be included.

Bob Monat
Jerand Technical Services, Inc.

Now I can see some what reduced error messages,Thanks Bob.

There are some linking issues still remaining

it is-

Error1error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol __invalid_parameter_noinfoprotoolkit.lib

Kindly provide me inputs to resolve this issue.