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Track Progress with Waterfall Chart Part 2

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Step 4: Add Data


We've added a Waterfall Chart Widget to the Mashup, but we still need to bring in backend data.


  1. Ensure the top-right Data tab is active.


  2. Click the green + button.


  3. In the Entity field, search for and select TPWC_Thing.

  4. In the Services field, type getprop.

  5. Click the right arrow beside GetProperties.

  6. On the right, check Execute on Load.


  7. In the bottom-right of the pop-up, click Done.


  8. Under the Data tab on the right, expand GetProperties.


  9. Drag-and-drop Things_TPWC_Thing > GetProperties > InfoTable_Property onto the Waterfall Chart.


  10. On the Select Binding Target pop-up, click Data.



Widget Properties


With the Waterfall Chart bound to data, we now just need to configure a few of the chart's Properties.

  1. With the Waterfall Chart selected in the central Canvas area, ensure the Properties tab is active in the bottom-left.


  2. In the Filter field, type xaxis.


  3. In the XAxisField, search for and select month.


  4. In the Filter field, clear the xaxis search and then start a new filter with usetrend.


  5. Check the UseTrendColors box.


  6. At the top, click Save.

Step 5: View Mashup


Up to this point, we've created a Data Shape to format the columns of an Info Table Property. You then created a Thing, as well as an Info Table Property formatted by the Data Shape. As a test, you added some manually-entered data to the Info Table. After creating a Mashup, you added a Waterfall Chart Widget and tied it to that backend data.


The only thing left to do is to visualize your GUI. 


  1. Ensure that you're on the Design tab of the TPWC_Mashup.


  2. At the top, click View Mashup.


The end result is a visualization of burn up/down as the project is first defined and then implemented.


Step 6: Next Steps


Congratulations! You've successfully completed the Track Progress with Waterfall Chart guide, and learned how to:

  • Create a Data Shape
  • Create a Thing
  • Create an Info Table Property
  • Populate an Info Table with appropriate data for a Waterfall Chart
  • Create a Mashup
  • Utilize a Waterfall Chart to display project progress 

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