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Color Defintions for Bores and Holes with EMX


Color Defintions for Bores and Holes with EMX



a tiny blog entry for setting up color definitions for bores and holes in EMX. It is quite simple.


Go to the EMX Options -> Technology Tab


You will find 3 columns: Hole Color, Face Color, 2nd Hole Color

In the rows different cutout UDFs are listed. In this example I have chosen 2 different UDFS that are used to create holes for guide components guide_thread_bore and guide_thru_thread (1.) and one for the cut out of Locating ing slots locating_round_slot (2.)


Double click within a cell and a color dialog will open.

For the guide UDFs if have choosen a RED color

For the Locating UDFs if have chosen a GREEN color.


With this setup every time guide_thread_bore and guide_thru_thread are used, these cutouts will be colored RED.

Every time I use locating_round_slot these cutouts will be colored GREEN.


This is how it looks like within a mold base:







Kind Regards
Thomas Schneyer
B&W Software GmbH

Why are the screw holes created in the plates used different to those created when inserting a screw as a component?
I ask you this because I need the customer to color the thread pre-hole with the screw seat differently.
See attachment


I have noticed that the UDFs which generate the holes by means of the assembly definition are different from the UDFs generated by the special commands Screws, Extractors, Bushes, Columns. Is there a reason for this? I ask this question because I have to configure all the colours for a customer, keeping the precise locations and the tolerated locations for recognition separate.Colori.JPG

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