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Mold Design


Mold Design

Dear all,

I was asked to design molds(attached below) for a car roof box(made by someone else) in proE 5 or creo.

My teacher sent this to help me but it didnt...

Mold Design and Casting lets you simulate the mold design process, design die assemblies and components, and prepare castings for manufacturing.

Use the Mold Design and Casting area of Help to learn about creating, modifying, and analyzing mold components or assemblies. Mold Design and Casting Help shows you how to quickly update mold components to the changes in the design model or to design die assemblies and components and prepare castings for manufacturing. You will learn how to create and modify design parts, cavities, mold layouts, and drawings.

However my teachers assistant told me that they are very simple, however he didnt know what is needed to add...

should i add or fix something?

Thanks and sorry for my english.

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I think you are designing a vacuum mold?

Or what type of mold?

Yes i think so..

The problem is that its my teacher was not clear about the subject. He just told me to disighn this mold so when i asked him if anything else is needed he sent me the pasted text above and told me that if i ve done all these things i can go on with the syntax. So searching the wed i cant find anything to add or fix.

Any suggestion?

What is this class for, mold design or CAD training?

Do you have the mold extension? You can search the PTC University for how to use the mold tool.


The mold design package, which is mostly designed for injection molding doesn't really walk you through it. You just have to know what you need.

Antonius, that video, although better then nothing, is so poor I can not believe it's there.


finally i managed to communicate with my teacher...

He asked me to add

1. a cooler method (a drain from where water can pass through)

2. a device that pours the plastic into the mold

3. a device that pushes the object so mold and plastic can be detached when the mold opens.

he also told me that the program walks you through but i didnt see any of these steps when i made the mold

i cant find a tutorial or a guide about these


So you need.

1. waterlines

2. sprue/runners/gates

3. ejector pins.

And really, to do it right, your core/cavity blocks need to be in a mold base.

No, it does not literally walk you through it.

Can you pick the part you want to start with? It would be easier for you with something flatter.

unfortunately i cant pick any part. I was asked to make molds for these 2 parts.

Still i cant find anything that would help me on youtube or ptc tutorials.

Do you have any tutorial or images for these? or at least something that explains how to do it right.

I really appreciate your help.

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