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Problems when trying to get the G-code on PTC Creo Manufacturing


Problems when trying to get the G-code on PTC Creo Manufacturing

I get an error while trying to get the G-Code of a machining operation.

I have the uncx files saved in the correct folder.

I have done the same procedure on other computer and i dont have this problem.

what could i do to fix this issue?

error creo.png

Thank you for your help

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Hi Daniel,

Your target g-code file with the same name might already be open in another program or you might not have the rights to write in the folder defined in "pro_mf_tape_dir"


where is that folder?, I tryed to find it but i couldn´t.

21-Topaz I

My best guess is that your full directory name that you are trying to write to is too long. There is a character limit, I don't remember the number of letters, but if you exceed the limit it will not write your file. I found this out because people in our company have adopted the custom of naming directories things like "Customer Order XXXX with New Definition 2012-01-12 Modification 2" and once you have a few sub-directories branching off those sentence-long names, you hit the limit.

How do I avoid this mess? I did the following:

(1) I have a directory on my C: drive, called "C:\ptc"

(2) I created a sub-directory of that one, called "NCFiles"

(3) I added the following lines to my to tell Creo where to look for the .CL files created by Creo, and where to put the .tap files created by the post-processor

     pro_mf_cl_dir C:\ptc\NCFiles

     pro_mf_tape_dir C:\ptc\NCFiles

Thus, when I output the CL files they go in the above directory, and when I post-process one the "tape" file goes in the same place. An added benefit is that I don't have a bunch of extra files scattered around, they're all in this one place.

The only other thing I can think of is if there is already a ".tap" file of the same name as the one you are trying to write that you do not have the permissions to overwrite.