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Set postprocessing


Set postprocessing

I've encountered a bit of a problem these days. I had to make a piece which had a few modifications as opposed to the original piece. I already had a program so I decided to use that program and insert the piece with modifications into the original program. I did that so I could win some time instead of using templates. What I did not do was to pay attention to the sequence tree when posprocessing. I had mistakenly chose sequences from the original program and postprocessed those sequences in a set of sequences for the piece with modifications. Of course, the result was not so good. My question is if there is a way to choose the sequences that form the sets from the current operation. I only need to see on what operation I am and from there to form a set. Just like when postprocessing single NC sequences. By the way, strangely, I postprocessed different sequences from different operations. Which for me doesn't really make sense. Why would anyone do that?


I believe that this will help:

1. Go to EDIT, CL DATA, OUTPUT SET (this will bring up the menu manager)

2. Select CREATE and give the set a name

3. Select the sequence you would like to output

4. With OUTPUT selected pick the set you just created and OUTPUT the Cl Data

5. Post process the set as you would any other operation or sequence

I don't know of a method to only show the sequences in a particular operation. This will show you all the sequences, but they are sorted by operation.

We use this method to output multiple operations into a single program file for certain machining centers. We are using Wildfire 5.0. I am not sure what the selections would be in Creo.

What I want to avoid is having to choose the sequences from the sequence tree, even if these appear sorted by operations. If I have around 50-80 sequences it's annoying to spend a lot of time and sort the sequences you need into sets. One idea of mine is to name the sequnces from an operation usin letters and the others using numbers.

One option that comes to mind is to suppress the operation or sequences that you want excluded. Not an elegant solution, but it may help.

Can you do that without any referencing of the parts? If I insert the second part, By default, it might interesct with the first part. I need a solution to have both parts declared Master.

You can suppress the sequences independently of the parts. The same thing holds true for the operations themselves. I haven't ran into a situation where suppressing a sequence and or operation had an affect on the part files.

What I do in situations like this is replace by layout the old part with the new part then rename the whole manufacturing file to something different to preserve the old manufactuing file if you need to go back. Then clear memory and then open the new file rename the operation to what makes sense then you have 2 working files so you don't need to do sets which can be confusing.

If you like doing sets you can run play path on the set to check to see if you have selected everything correctly.

I found a way today, gathering data from what you've told me. It's in 3 steps:

  1. Open original program;
  2. Supress all operations
  3. Insert new reference model and apply customised constraints.

Then, when you postprocess you'll only get to chose from the new operations.

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