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Survey about Processor and Graphics card for Creo


Survey about Processor and Graphics card for Creo


I am in process of selecting new hardware for Creo users. I would like to get recommendations on processor family (Xeon or i7) and Graphics card (FX4000/5000 or K2000). Only restrictions I have at the moment are, machine has to be HP and should be priced under $2500.

I have created two question survey that you can fill in less than a minute. I will post summary by end of the day.

Thank you!


Yugendra Bhide
Norse Dairy Systems
Columbus OH

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23-Emerald II

You want the fastest processor you can get. Since Creo Parametric generally isn't multi-threaded, it will only use one processor.
You'll want the best Nvidia graphics you can afford. Creo 2 was optimized to make better use of the graphics cards performance. Before Creo, there was not much difference between the 2000, 4000, 5000 in my testing.

Don't forget to get enough RAM to take care of your large assemblies. We are bumping up our minimum to 16gb since some of our large models use more than the 8gb we used to specify. Creo parametric seems to use more memory than WF4 or 5. We suddenly started having problems when we upgraded to Creo Parametric 2.0.

I currently am using an HP Z420 with the E%-1620 3.6ghz processor (sandy bridge processor if I remember correctly). It was brand new when I got this machine.
16gb of RAM and Nvidia 2000 (we have since started specifying the 4000).


Steve hits the nail on the head. We're doing the same thing aside from the RAM (because our largest assemblies come in well below 8GB). I can't complain about the Z420.
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