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WF 4.0 problem


WF 4.0 problem

Everybody that is on WF4 how do you like the new trajectory sequence? At
first it looked really good. But now I have been running into an issue. When
I use it to create a hole and the creation of the sequence goes smoothly and
the path displays. But when I go and regen after creating the tool-path it
will fail saying can not generate tool path. So I go into redefine and the
tool-path shows correctly. But when I let Pro regen it gives me the same
error again. I deleted the sequence and created again after a complete regen
and still same problem. Anybody run into this problem? I will log in a call
to PTC about this tomorrow.

Son Nguyen
Tooling Designer & Programmer

108 W. 2nd Street
Assaria, Kansas 67416

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