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flag can't follow mouse in Annotation


flag can't follow mouse in Annotation

It is torments me with the question.

Since when Creo Elements Direct v19.0 becomes to lag in the Annotation

The flag can't move to follow the mouse flag speed in the Annotation of elements direct.

I find that it occur in Nvidia GT640 , GT740, w540. It happen in the Nvidia .

I don't know how can I handle it.

Maybe Nvida option could solve it,but I don't know how can I set.

I opened the code to PTC and He say the graphics card didn't fit their specification.

He told me to set SDPIXELFORMAT and SOFTWARE in Environment Variables of windows.

It was a slight follow the mouse flag  in Annotation, But it happen the flag was lag in the Molding.

So the Enviroment Variables can't solve this problem.


Someone can't use high specification computer, like PTC suggest computer specification to high price, they restrict by their company.


Because my computer is not Nvidia , I can't try the question.


I need someone help me.

How can I set the Nvidia option ?

Thank you

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Did you try the environment variables at all?

They do change the behaviour of the graphics in Modeling/Annotation.

The cards you mention are not supported by PTC, as PTC support told you correctly. So it is possible that you have that kind of behaviour.

It will be down to the following: search for a good driver, good settings, ...

Hi Wim

Yes, I set it at all, but it happen the same problem in Modeling.

I want to suggest my client to use the PTC suggestion computer, but they could't use that

So I try to set enviroment variables.

It did not fix the problem.

I also suggest them to update their griver.


I try to set the Nvidia option,maybe it can fix it.