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robot simulation and inverse kinematics


robot simulation and inverse kinematics


 I'm an undergraduate mechanical engineering student working on graduation project (Exechon robot ), that robot has complex kinematics ,so I have chosen to do it in a simulation software but faced many obstacles and during searching I found a simulation video of my project  made by Creo .


I don't know any thing about Creo software but I'm amazed by it and want to know if I can reach my target by it .

what I want to do :

  1. import my design and Creation of kinematics like joints between bodies and constraints ...etc .
  2. create path , use inverse kinematics solver to move the robot joints thus the robot tool follow the path .
  3. export motion profile of joints .
  4. Doing engineering tasks like milling or drilling .

in the end I uploaded the video that attracted me here .


Sorry for repeating the question but I can't find the proper section of my ask .


Best regards,  



I'm in the wrong section or what , plaese who sees ,my post react with me or guide me to the right place

this link has important info. Also, follow the link to the basic machine library at the bottom of the page

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