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cam design mathcad-Creo

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cam design mathcad-Creo

I am using Mathcad Prime 6.0

How can you make cam designs in Mathcad and than insert these files/tables into Creo?
Do you have any information about this?
How to make these connection to import tables in Creo coming from Mathcad.



I assume cam design as you understand is about engine detail design and dimension calculation, such as described at


PTC products do support several specific modules, however cam design is not part of the Mathcad product line functionality in specific.

But apart from certain modules, both Mathcad 15 and Mathcad Prime are supported with ready made free worksheet library as well as third-party solutions:

  • Mathcad 15 > Help > QuickSheets
  • Mathcad Prime > Resources > Connect to PTC Mathcad Community > Engineering Resources
  • Worksheets to purchase at Mathcad  PTC Webstore

About Creo Parametric and Mathcad integration:


Mathcad Prime is optional part of the Creo Parametric Installation.

Once installed from that package, "Prime Analysis" appear under the "Applications > Calculation" and "Analysis > Custom" tabs in the respective Creo Parametric user interface modes.

Mathcad 15 installation registration appears accordingly as "Mathcad Analysis".


Once installed and registered, Creo Parametric Mathcad 15 / Mathcad Prime Integration does include expert tools to enhance the standard "relations" functionality by for example:

range variables and matrices, units, customized functions, programs, solving equation systems, interpolation, data exchange (e.g. Excel, text or matrizes), API and many more.

Find more about Creo Mathcad Integration at For example in blogs:


Tip: You can even use Mathcad Integration in license-free "Express" mode on a basic level.






Please consider Mathcad Prime 7 has been shipped out yesterday!

Among other improvements, a Combo Box functionality has been introduced, applying the ability to add drop-down menus to a worksheet, to for example pre-select a specific value from a pre-defined list of values.

Example: pre-setup a row of specific cam-designs by number 1,2,3..., including calculations and visualizations.

Do it in one and same worksheet. Once defined, it is easy to switch trough 1,2,3... by a drop-down list (Combo Box), returning each the required visualization.


23-Emerald IV

1. "How to integrate Creo Parametric and Mathcad Prime using embedded worksheet": 

2. "About PTC Mathcad Prime and Creo Parametric Integration":


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