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Appalling PTC support


Appalling PTC support

How abysmal is the PTC support structure. We have paid for a Mathcad license but haven't been able to use it due to the lack of information and support to get the license.dat file.


Just chuck an email with some txt and that's job done! WRONG!! 


Try and call them and you get ' sorry our office is now closed,  hours are between 9 - 5pm' when ringing the UK Support at 15:51 !!


We have paid for a product where I can get no support on it !!


Ever so often we can read here from frustrated customers, rarely, but also, from working support solutions.

Having to deal with PTC support really can be quite demanding.

Mathcad sure is not high on PTC's priority list (if its on the list anyway) and single user customers seem to be rather annoying to PTC.

Just look what they have done to good old Mathcad and you know with whom you have to deal with here.

5-Regular Member

Hello Chris,


I apologize for any inconvenience encountered with our products. I assure you that we are here to help you. 

Could you please send your license information at in order to get the license key? 

We would need the sales order number, service contract number and destination Host ID. 


To identify the Host ID: START –> click on All Programs –> click on Accessories –> click on Command Prompt –> type in ipconfig/all and press Enter.


You should now be able to see the Physical Address below Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection.


Thank you. 


That PTC staff has this forum on the radar and also answers adequately and timely -  that is really new, thanks!
If that becomes a permanent procedure - highly appreciated and welcome!

First of all can I thank you both for taking the time to reply to (what can only be described as) my frustrated rant.


I have now followed  Petralon's steps (didn't need the host id as this is a renewal). I have received the automated response so hopefully my issue will be resolved once done.


I myself, do not use this product, but I am IT Support for someone that relies upon it. Having dealt with many licenses and renewals in my time, I always dread having to dealt with Mathcad licenses as it has never been straight forward;


1. In my mind Autorenewals should just be that - I pay, you give me the updated dat file - not an email with txt files for me then to chase support for the dat file.

2. The idea that you support a product means just that - you support the product I have paid for. My experience yet again I have to sign up to a portal where I become a 'gold' user where I still do not have the permission to raise a support ticket.

3. the option of calling UK support number within working hours should not be met with an incorrect message stating that the office is now closed.


Just a few thoughts from a frustrated IT Support person whose legs are too tired to hurdle anymore obstacles with Mathcad.








I agree with your observation in handling Mathcad licenses.  I was a users and also supported the IT part of the program.  When IT said they to take over the administration of the license i cheered.  They just did not know what they were getting into.  I also had to maintain several CAD licenses with different levels of access.  Mathcad was always the hardest.


Hello Chris

My name is Matt Donovan, Section Manager with Technical Support at PTC. 

I am sorry to hear about your challenges with accessing and activating your license for Mathcad.

Someone from the Installation team will be contacting you shortly who can help you step through the process and systems needed to obtain and activate your license.


Matt Donovan

PTC Technical Support North America

Hi Matt


Thank you for replying. I will look forward to getting this issue resolved.




Chris Dicks

Hi All


Thank you in your posts to this topic. I can now say that we have successfully applied a license.dat file and got Mathcad working for the end user.

Can I say thank you to Matt Donovan for getting me the support and to Sayd for assisting.

Hopefully this thread goes a little way to improve the ptc support system which is confusing at best.


All the best everyone

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