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Find and replace subscripts


Find and replace subscripts

I have been using Mathcad Prime 2.0 and I'd like to find and replace some subscripts. Unfortunately, when I try to change

Var.x with Var.y (using the old Mathcad 15 notation), I end up with a strange problem. I can search for "x" and chose to replace with "y", but because it's a subscript, what I end up with is replacing "Var.x" with "y". This is a big problem when you have a large worksheet. Does anyone know when this bug will be fixed and what kind of workaround might be available?


Maybe you should consider reporting that issue to PTC (

Same problem with a replacing for example m with a lable unit ( meter) on in (inch).

Mathcad Prime 2 does not work with lables by a replacing

Hmm, so the problem seems to be a more general one.

We would need in a future release an "advanced" tab in search/replace where we can add things like typeface, color, bold, italic, label, subscript, etc. to the search and replace texts.


This has been something I think (been a while) I may have commented on years ago, that find (and replace) had essentially no support for anything other than std text. Many a time I have wanted to search for an operator, e.g, assignment operator (normal or global), or other mathematical constructs not on the keybd, without any way to do it. This is true for mcd11, and still the case for mcd15, which I recently got along with Prime. If a method exists for mcd11 and15, I like to know what I've been missing.

My view is that one should be able to search and replace any math object (or elemental form at least) that can be created in normal editing,, e.g., an integral sign or global assignment operator. In Word, one can search ofr many non-printable characters, such as line feeds and paragraph marks. Not that this is a perfect example, but to point out that the find/replace should address most, if not all, of the objects used in an application. For mcd, this means lots of mathematical, non-text elements as well as features such as formatting.


24-Ruby IV

If a method exists for mcd11 and15, I like to know what I've been missing.

Not that I would know of. But at least searching for subscripted, as Kathryn was looking for, was possible thanks to the dot notation.

I agree that Search/Replace should experience a revision.


mathcad 15 allowed find and replace subscript using the dot feature. i took me awhile to realize the feature. it does not surprise me the prime2 will not do the similar find and replace. mathcad changed how subscripts are entered. there have been many changes in prime that have not been fully realized. there is an old saying " add but do not delete" mathcad has not been following this saying.