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I can`t get one element array in scriptable component


I can`t get one element array in scriptable component


I have a problem with one element array in VBScript component.

VB decide that it`s  TypeName is Double and VarType is 5 instead of Variant 8204 and CStr() gives "-1.#QNAN".

So, I can`t get a value of my array.

MC15 file is attached.


If I remove the parenthesis around your Input definition (leaving only an array of arrays) the behavior changes.  Every second click gives Output = Input, but if you change a value in Input, the first click doesn't work too well.  (I'm not a VBscript guy, so you're on your own. . .

Thanks, I know this, but the second parenthesis is the main problem.

You've created a mess:


So Mathcad hand VBscript an array with a single element with three subelements each with three subelements. . .

No wonder it's confused.

How about what's attached?

That parenthesis was created  using


instead of creating an array

You inserted mat in parenthesis, not in 1x1 array

So why do you have to put arrays inside an array inside an array?


And can you teach VBscript to unpack it?

Why array of array of array?

Look at the output of createmesh function for example.

I use 3D view SCRIPTABLE component and want that it works like nonscriptable scatterplot.

I need scriptable version because I need tilt, twist and rotation angles of 3D view to align annotations flat to the screen.

Scatterplot takes any arrays but my scriptable 3D view doesn't yet.

I know VBScript good enough to get values from arrays but not in this case.

I attached one more file with other situations where I can't get output equal to the input.

This seems to be a VBscript issue more than a Mathcad issue. . .

Good luck!

Thank you, 

does anybody have some JScript components? Please shear.

I`m not familiar with JScript, so, I need help and a push button as a start point.

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