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Image in Prime


Image in Prime

How can I change Image displayed dynamically based on condition ?I have 10 images but I want to show one which satisfies the condition can this be done ? 


How do you display the image in Prime?

Prime does not provide a convenient image operator like Mathcad did.

Images inserted in Prime a static.

I don't know if you can make it in Prime but you could try if you can do it using an Excel component displaying the image.


BTW, I noticed that you have quite some threads still open!
You may consider either closing them or comment on the answers already given and explain, why they don't solve your problem.

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Itis possible to create a C++ image viewer as a custom function to Prime full version.

Running the custom function would open a new window with the image file name supplied by Prime in the custom function.

You could even cut and paste from new window to Prime.


Custom functions are not available to express version so cannot do it for you.





Hello @JB_10220769 


Yes, it is possible to dynamically display images in Mathcad Prime using the Excel component.


Below is an example along with the corresponding Mathcad Prime 7 file.


The variable "ItemName" dictates which image to display. You can program this variable to change based on any condition you desire.


This method is a straightforward and simple workaround in Prime, requiring no programming code or VBA and is the best solution for this problem that you will find due to its simplicity.


Also, just a gentle reminder to mark this post as accepted if you find the solution helpful.


Good luck in your projects.




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