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Mathcad 15 Will Not Install on New Machine (Bobbie)


Mathcad 15 Will Not Install on New Machine (Bobbie)

Hello: I am retiring my old PC and setting up my new one. My Mathcad 15 Student Edition will not complete the installation process. It stops in the middle with the message "Module C:\Program Files (x86)\Mathcad15\tabler.ocx failed to register. HRESULT-2147010895. Contact your support personnel." I get the same message whether I check the box to get a new license or use an existing license.

It does not get far enough to ask for me to point it to a license file . I have downloaded a license file keyed to the hard drive on the new machine, which PTC sent via e-mail, but it seems pretty strange. If I click on it, to see if it needs any further setup, it tries to set up a music player and organizer. It does not seem to have anything to do with Mathcad. So, that may be a second problem.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Hi Vladimir:  Thanks, but when I try to access the article it says I must have support services activated.  Trying to run that down, it seems that support cannot be reactivated on old permanent licenses.  


So, the bottom line seems to be that if you have an old academic license, you cannot get any help breaking through the barriers placed in the way of moving your installation to a new machine. 

@BD_3569427 wrote:

Hi Vladimir:  Thanks, but when I try to access the article it says I must have support services activated. 

Thats correct and that may be the reason why Vladimir embedded the screen shot and also attached it as a png.

There is nothing more in this support article than you see in the screen shot. Basically it says that the error message you got is because you missed to install the necessary "Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86)". And, yes, its has to be that old version! The link to M$ doesn't work any more, but searching for the pack in the net should bring up a couple of links where you still can download it.

Not sure if this offer from M$ is just an update or includes the full pack (I guess its the latter but am not sure):


Hello Vladimir, Warner:


You guys are great!  I was able to get Mathcad 15 installed by downloading that old 2005 Visual C++ runtime library.  Too bad the installation does not tell you that when it hits the problem. 


Now my only problem is that I downloaded this from a library at CNET, and they have downloaded a stealthy CNET app on my machine that I cannot find to remove from either programs or browser extensions or however they have managed to sneak this thing in here.  So, it keeps turning on and playing ads through my speakers with no apparent way to shut them off...


Interestingly, the license file that starts up some kind of music player when directly clicked on did work perfectly for this old version of Mathcad 15. 


Thanks a bunch!


I am sorry to hear that cnet adds adware to the software they provide for download. It was the first link I found for it as the M$ link failed. You may try the free trial version of Malwarebytes an look if it finds and can remove that nagging adware.

According the music player and the license file:  I guess the name of your license file is "license.dat" and it seems that the extension ".dat" is associated with that media player (among others .dat is also the extension of some video files). Thats the reason you player comes up if you double click any *.dat file, whether its video/audio or not 😉

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