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Mathcad 6.0 + and Windows 7


Mathcad 6.0 + and Windows 7

Any Mathcad 6.0+ fans out there?

I've been using it since 1995. I got the Mathcad 7 and 8 upgrades and hated them. So, I've been using 6.0+ ever since.

Mathcad 6.0+ ran fine on Win 95, Win NT, Win 98, Win 2000, and Win XP. Win 2000 and XP were a little trickier to install. I just took a good install from a Win 95 machine, copied the whole WINMAD directory and transferred it to the 2000 or XP machine. Then I tweaked the Windows file associations manually.

Now I have Windows 7. I tried the same procedure. Most everything works fine, except when I Save or Save As... Mathcad 6.0+ shuts down abruptly. I’ve fiddled with the Compatibility mode and settings, but I get the same results.

Any suggestions?


it is said that mathcad 6 plus for mac can work well with snow leopard, maybe you can move to mac OS platform to have a try.

btw, can you print you cal. sheet of mathcad in PDF form, if yes, maybe this is a alternative to save/save as.. (although not a perfect choice)

p.s. 6.0 plus is the revolutionary version of mathcad, personally I think, though it is not the strongest version, it is actually the best version. No BIG improvements are found in the new versions.


Thanks, I'm not interested in another OS. If I wanted to do that, I'd go back to Win 2000 or XP.

I need to Save and Save As... so I can modify, edit, refine, and Save multiple version of my 1000+ Mathcad 6.0 Plus files.

Mathcad 8 Pro was the most educative version, especially program wise. Some extra functionalities were added in 2001i and 11. Mathcad stopped existing at version 11, principally wrt the symbolic engine. "Mathcad PTC versions are not for Enginners, just a fact. Good thing in 4 years they didn' t have enough time to scrap it all past 11.


Let me revise my initial post. Back in the good 'ol days when Mathcad was owned by Mathsoft and upgrade were $100-$200, I'd buy every upgrade. But when the typing interface changed in Mathcad 7, I lost interest.

I actually can't remember if I ever got and/or used Mathcad 8.

The first piece of software I bought with my own money was Mathcad 3 (or 4, I can't remember) for Mac OS (flavor of the month). I even used Microsoft DOS versions of Mathcad- that was a real treat!

Thanks for your reply Jean. Any clues on how to get Mathcad 6 to Open..., Save, and/or Save As..., in Windows 7? I'd really like to get it working on my new Lenovo W500 laptop.

>Any clues on how to get Mathcad 6 to Open..., Save, and/or Save As..., in Windows 7 ? <


Can't help, I'm Win XP Mathcad 11

The question is really:

1. is it possible ?

2. possible with or w/o $ spent to PTC ?

Cannot start the setup of matcad 6.0 pro on windows 10

I have seen Mathcad 2.51 on Mac. In my dreams. In 19**!

23-Emerald III

I seem to have no problems with that.

One thing I know is that you need (to have) administrator privileges in order to install.


What exactly are you doing, to try to install, and what's the reaction of Windows?




23-Emerald III

So, I can install it, and it runs.

But at 'File save' (or 'save as' or 'export') it silently quits; just vanishes.

Unfortunately useless then.




I fiddled (swapped some in and out from other directories) with some of the dll files called by MCAD 6.0 + but no joy.

My work around on WIN7 has been to create files in "explorer" and not use Save or Save As from inside MCAD 6.0 +.

Oddly MCAD 6.0 + works with no problems on my Vista machine. Installation has been as you have done, copy a working WINMCAD XP directory onto XP, Vista, and WIN7 machines.

It would be nice to sort this problem out on WIN7. Better yet would be to get the source code for MCAD 6.0 +, and start maintaining our own version... since PTC has long ago abandoned it.

Let me know if you solve this problem.


I meant I don't use Save As, or Save on untitled new files from within MCAD 6.0 +.

Clicking "Save" seems to work fine, as long as the file already exists.

I have written a special utility that will allow you to save mathcad 6 worksheets in windows 7 and later edit and save them again. My program saves the content of clipboard as a binary file . Later the file can be opened and now mathcad can paste it into its workspace and work normally. All you have to do is to copy the worksheet into the clipboard. Program written in Delphi. You can contact me -

Hi Omid,

Is there any chance to share your program with the community?

Hi Vladmire,

You can go to my website or directly download the exe file from

The documentation is in file

You run this program and in mathcad the portion you want to be saved you put it in the windows clipboard. This simple app saves and restores the clipboard.

Any question feel free to contact me again


Thank you.

The source code is also included.


I see that the program "SaveClipboard" is available on your site:


"Mathcad 6 and 7 can not save their worksheet in Windows7. This program however can save the content of Windows clipboard as a binary file which later can be retrieved and pasted back into Mathcad again."

P.S. I also compiled this program ("SaveClipboard") in Delphi 7 Lite using the source code available on specified above website.

Hi Vladmir,

Next to it do you see DownloadLink ? Click on that or

Just click on this link and then download it.

My email is - . If you still have problem contact me by your personal email

Clarification : As other mentioned if file already exists no problem saving edited file. Only new mathcad files can not be saved. Perhaps one can copy an existing file and rename it to desire name. Later erase the content and start from scartch again

Message was edited by: OMID MOTAHED

Hello ovanni,

It's funny I just discovered this forum after years of the same MC6 issues under Win7.  I too stopped upgrades when MathSoft ended, and my next version I got a deal on was MC14.  I was very disappointed with the new symbolics engine - seems like the capability was reduced significantly.  So like you I still want to hang on to MC6:

  • In fact, I've maintained full functionality by running it under Win7's XP emulator (XP Mode).  I believe the emulator can be implemented in Pro and Ultimate versions of W7(?).   Running XP under Win7 really saves some useful older programs, like MC6
  • If you can't implement the virtual XP emulator, you can alternately, you can do what Omid suggests to stay within Win7.
    1. Copy or rename an old *.MCD file.
    2. Open in in MC6
    3. Erase contents
    4. Edit the open worksheet to create a new file
    5. Save

This alternate method does not fix the "Save As" program-termination problem, but it does allow you to build new MC6 files pretty easily.

This issue has resurfaced with me because I want to keep MC6 alive in Win10.  Although not a default option in Win10, I believe a virtual XP emulator can be wedged in.

Hope this helps,


try this. I use Mathcad 7 in Windows 7 with no vmware. (xpmode)

If you're disappointed in MuPad as the symbolic engine, consider Mathcad version 11.  That was the last version with the Maple symbolic engine, it had a lot of the enhanced capabilities that were introduced after 6, 7, and 8, and it was a very robust version of the software.  (So robust that many people skipped version 12 altogether to version 14.)

23-Emerald III

Small correction:

Mathcad 13 was the last Mathcad with the Maple symbolic engine. But with Static Unit Checking introduced since Mathcad 12, as well as closing a gap that would allow more of the Maple engine to be used, Mathcad 11 is the last great Mathcad.


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