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Multiple Choice Test with Mathcad


Multiple Choice Test with Mathcad

I had the idea of using Mathcad with its plotting capabileties in rolling out a multiple choice Test.
Idea is to let students guess which function definition belongs to which graph and then the other way round using some randomness choosing the assignements.

I wonder if anybody has already done a multiple choice test (any theme) with Mathcad. While I thought that chances would be good I was not able to find some work on this by searching the collab.

One reason I am asking is beacuse my scripting abilities are very limited and I am thinking of a (simple) automatic test evaluation, saving result in the file which could be sent to me for review. Maybe its even possible to prevent the students playing around with different answers - first selection not modifiable.

So the question is if anybody already has created a similar worksheet and is willing to post it here.


Easy to build a fnct lib as long and/or advanced as you wish/need. For the logical test, you could imagine a random set of so many functions from the lib, and how to apply the answer is a matter to you. Answer by function name,function math definition [typical], and how to collect: more collabs might have suggestions. I can see a YES/NO mask grid for the suggestive type test. For the more advanced recognition test, simple: just give the function type.


... for serious curricular, 100 type function would be a bare minimum. Would be a good idea to support the course with a sound up to date "approximation of function". I'm saying that conclusively to so many visitors in this collab having evidenced of having not the faintest idea how those things are evaluated in their PC.


Thanks -nice idea.
I would even think of getting rid of the autolimits and make your functionvector a 5row Matrix and putting the x- and y-limits for each function in that matrix. Unfortunately its not possible to have control over other properties.

I had in mind that one worksheet is dealing only with one specific type of function, e.g. sinus-waves or polynomials. The randomness I had in mind is not to pick a pretyped function out of a vector at random but to choose function properties like amplitude, phase or frequency in case of a sine by random in a given range.
On the other hand I think this would make presenting the choice of fitting equations the students have to chose from and an automatic test-evaluation a bit harder.

At the moment I am collecting ideas and am playing around not knowing exactly what I will be able to achieve.


The idea of the attached file is to quickly make a test without programming inside the scripts. Also make the life easy helping in the qualification (a must for big groups), but refusing to substitute me by a machine.

For the setup needs only copy/paste procedures, and it is very easy to check if something is wrong. Accept open questions and multiple choice tests, but uses CheckBox and not OptionBox because if not needs to modify the scripts.

Also student must to paste answers before closing, but I found that this is preferable because create a check point to students.

Regards. Alvaro.

Thanks a lot, Alvaro!
While its not exactly I was thinking of its a wonderful and very useful template which I think will be able to use for different purposes.
I agree with your opinion that we should not substitute ourself by a worksheet which automatically delivers grades. On the other hand I can think of worksheets given out to students for self study and practice which automatically calculates the percentages/Points. Even can think of a "cheat-mode" for that purpose.

Thanks again


On 5/5/2010 8:39:53 AM, adiaz wrote:
>The idea of the attached file
>is to quickly make a test
>without programming inside the
>scripts. Also make the life
>easy helping in the
>qualification (a must for big
>groups), but refusing to
>substitute me by a machine.
>For the setup needs only
>copy/paste procedures, and it
>is very easy to check if
>something is wrong. Accept
>open questions and multiple
>choice tests, but uses
>CheckBox and not OptionBox
>because if not needs to modify
>the scripts.
>Also student must to paste
>answers before closing, but I
>found that this is preferable
>because create a check point
>to students.
>Regards. Alvaro.

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