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My wish list to make Prime usable


My wish list to make Prime usable

Here's what I'd like to see done in Prime 4.

Mathcad convertor:

Don't flag minor font substitutions(or allow hiding the red bars).  I don't care that the converter arbitrarily changed my plot from 'sec' to 'sec'.

On plots, move the scaling automatically to its new place in Prime.  The converter knows that I want 'm/sec' but won't populate the new scaling box.

Provide some automation in Prime after I convert a file so I can select "ignore this warning/editoral" rather than having to manually change every instance.

Provide Post & Pre-Fix operator functions  (/dB as an example everyone cites)

Provide subscript & and superscript formatting in text regions so that the converter doesn't leave me the job of looking for the substitutions.

Bring back the ability to convert from within Prime rather than having to do it externally.

Prime functionality

Bring back the ability to call Matlab functions from Mathcad.  That's right, I don't want to spend my days writing functions in Mathcad that already exist in MatLab.

Provide the Trace functionality (track to data points) in plots.

Provide real axis, legends  & titles on plots not text boxes that aren't attached to, and don't scale with the plot.

Support two y axes plots.

Allow real margins to be set not just narrow, normal or wide.

Provide subscript & and superscript formatting in text regions.  No I don't want to embed a Math Region in a text box when I just want a X^2.  At least PTC is consistent.  I can't have text subscripts or superscripts even in the Discussion area.

How about access to date-time functions in worksheets so I can identify/label when I created or updated a graph or a calculation.

Bring back the print single width page function and/or allow printing of the scratch pad sheets that Mathcad user put on the right side.

The third party graphing converter proposed for MatCad Prime 4.0 (4th quarter of this year) is a very good start.


Other deficiencies:

No image viewer (i.e. the control that shows an image)

Takes too long to launch

No infix and postfix operators

2D plots need drastic improvement: no markers, can’t reverse the x-axis or y-axis, etc etc

3D plots are even worse than 2D plots

Can’t protect regions from viewing or editing

No worksheet protection

No redefinition warnings

Can’t name regions

Lack of right mouse button context menu (for cut/copy/paste)

No exponential threshold

No equation wrapping

No scripted components or other controls

No text styles

No superscripts and subscripts in text

No math styles

No error tracing for programming blocks

Editing large program blocks painfully slow

No e-books

Affine units only half implemented

Solve block layout needs improvement

Can’t copy and paste a graph as a vector graphic

Can’t paste vector graphic into worksheet

Can’t paste OLE object into worksheet

No data tables (both input and output)

Can’t adequately scroll around in very large matrices or vectors

Can’t insert multiple rows or columns in a matrix in one operation

Can’t choose any value for TOL or CTOL (especially, can’t set them greater than 0.1 or less than 10-7)

Can’t format numeric results from the symbolic processor

No fraction display

Can’t show exponents in engineering format

Can’t change the radix of a result

Margin settings too limited

No hyperlinks

Can’t align regions

Can’t view regions

No file import wizard or file input or output (i.e. the ones from the “insert” menu)

No component to link to Matlab

No rulers or guidelines

No autosave

No custom units

No spell checker

Can’t save to an earlier version (even version 3.0 and version 3.1 have incompatible file formats!)

Keyboard shortcuts don’t work properly for many international keyboards

Other than that, it's great

>Affine units only half implemented

I know 3 programs with units - Mathcad, Maple and SMath

My opinion:

90% tools of Mathcad Prime can work with units

50% -SMath (and Mathcad 15 - see above)

10% - Maple

And with some its justified: i.e. ceil(), which would yield 1m for x = 49.6 mm when what you wanted is 50mm ...

Use pls Ceil not ceil

I've missed that one, Thank you

Richard Jackson написал(а):

Other deficiencies:

Can’t choose any value for TOL or CTOL (especially, can’t set them greater than 0.1 or less than 10-7)

Other than that, it's great

You can insert in the sheet TOL:=10^10

See please

Craig Aarseth написал(а):

Here's what I'd like to see done in Prime 4.

I have asked my wife to write same wish list about me

More features:

in-function line-breaks

debugging tools

customisable keyboard shortcuts

Stefan Thomet написал(а):

More features:

debugging tools

Prime has Trace error

How does that work?

Stefan Thomet написал(а):

How does that work?

latest?cb=20131006155944Not bad

Stefan Thomet написал(а):

latest?cb=20131006155944Not bad

Sorry, who is it?

It is all fun reading wishes, but were there any PTC reply, response, action, etc.?

I just found that functional plot can only cover the 3 orders of magnitude x axis span. If I try to plot in log scale with 6 orders active, I am geting only half of the plot and a very weird one.

Is it possible to get some reply from PTC (manager, employee, or whoever at least knows about the situation) what their plans are?

23-Emerald III

What type of plot are you complaining about?


I should guess you problem lies not with the plotting capabilities of Prime, but with the data you're trying to plot.

If numbers are negative (using a log scale) or imaginary (with any scale) they are not plotted.

Check your data.


This of course in no way implies that I'm happy with PTC's (un)responsiveness with regards to complaints from users.



Prime has Trace error

It doesn't work in programs. That is a major limitation. We asked for years for a debugger for programs, and eventually Mathsoft gave us one. It's kind of rudimentary and a pain to use (because you have to add statements to the program), but at least it is something. Now we don't have one again

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