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One solution for various input


One solution for various input



I am learning Mathcad Prime and got stuck and or rather unaware of what wrong has been done. I am getting same answers when I am trying to use summation. How to solve this? 

23-Emerald III

There's nothing wrong with the calculations.

0.3/30 = 0.2/20 = 0.1/10.


You should be aware that the origin for indexing vectors and matrices is set by default to 0.That's why you get 0 as the first element of the vector LPM.



anywhere on the sheet to see that it's value is 0. You can alternatively assign it the value 1 with:


which displays as

 ORIGIN := 1

and to the right of, and below this definition ORIGIN will be 1.


In your summation you've used the indexes 1 through 3, which sums all three quotients into LPM.

Subsequently you defined LPM[1 (the second element of the vector LPM) as the 'first' quotient. This redefines LPM (the sum) to a new variable, which is now a vector. Then you assigned the third element of that vector as well, with the second quotient. Upon displaying the value of the vector LPM, with:


you are presented with the 3-element array.


Your calculations could be:


without worrying about the value of ORIGIN...




Hi Luc


Thank you for the explanation 

Also, can you please help me with how to do interpolation from excel sheet in mathcad prime


  1. The table is imported from excel into the Mathcad, and interpolation is to be done in Mathcad.
  2. The table is in excel; Mathcad is reading the data from excel and does the interpolation without bringing the whole table in Mathcad.

I am unable to figure out this so needs to understand how it is done 


Here is one way to do it:


Instead of reading in the fill table and extracting the appropriate columns you may also just read in the necessary data only, like this:


I would advise to add and use units as far as possible.

P6 sheet attached


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