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Curriculum - How to Model Almost Anything


Curriculum - How to Model Almost Anything

How to Model Almost Anything

A product development resource for K-12


This curriculum is structured to provide as much exposure to industry best practices and to the variety of models and activities that occur in product development as is possible. There are 12 exercises and each exercise is typically organized with a hands-on activity to explain the concepts, then a practice model to enforce the learning of the concepts and then a final skills assessment activity that provides another model to demonstrate the acquired skills.


The download includes 12 sections and all the required CAD models.


  • Section 1:  Solid Modeling
  • Section 2:  Model Structure
  • Section 3:  Model Analysis
  • Section 4:  Assembly Constraints
  • Section 5: Assembling Systems
  • Section 6: Assembling Mechanisms
  • Section 7: Concept Development
  • Section 8: Preliminary Design
  • Section 9: Creating Parts & Assemblies
  • Section 10: Math & Simulation
  • Section 11: Virtual Laboratory
  • Section 12: Calculating Stress & Deflection


htmaa_cover.jpg    htmaa_topics.jpg


Is there a way to open the files in the commercial version of creo 3?


No, this curriculum and its associated files are targeted at students in the K-12 range and everything provided is based on the Schools Edition of Creo Parametric.

Hi, is there a way today to download that guide? I've been trying both through the posted link, and through the academic section of the PTC website, but I've not been able yet to download it. 


In case you still haven't found it - the download is here 

If it isn't downloading, open the link using Internet Explorer. 👍

Link - "How To Model Almost Anything":

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