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How can i select the half of the surface of the cylinder?


How can i select the half of the surface of the cylinder?

I`m designing the peristaltic pump for my project. I want to know how much normal force would be exerted on the roller when the roller squeezes the tube.


To find the force value, i tried simulation and selected the surface of the tube, then Creo just select the all the surfaces of the tube. Could you tell me how to select the half of the cylinder or sphere surface?


You have to split it using either a surface region or volume region.


For a surface region it is best if the sketch plane is normal to the cylinder axis.

Then draw one line splitting in half, accept the sketch and then pick the cylindrical faces to split.



Thanks for your reply. But i still have a problem. I split the surface as you said. It is "서피스 분할1" in the model tree. but as you can see in the "References" Creo selects the whole surfaces automatically.

I attached the screen shot. can you help me?

I can see in your model tree there is no surface region or volume region.

Here is where the commands are.  Try the split again using the surface region.

Refine ModelRefine Model



Thanks for your help. Unfortunately my Creo license is for students, so, i can`t use that function. I will try it at my university CAD class Thanks

for students att.


Well that is not so fun.  I have not used the student version since Creo1 when it had all advanced simulation features available.


Since you cannot do a surface region, maybe just add small flats to your cylinder like the image.Add a small flatAdd a small flat

Another solution is a non-uniform load distribution, but maybe that is also not available in your version.

If you are able to do as this next image, and you do not want to use the flats, then let me know and I will demonstrate how to get what you want with a function for the spatial variation.

Non Uniform load distributionNon Uniform load distribution



















commercial release is the same

SURFACE REGION is not necessary

Did you use Engineering - Designate Area?

Thanks Skunks!

My default interface was set to be free and I did not realize this requirement although I remember you use this technique before.  


To clarify, there is a surface copy, on the cylinder that can be trimmed how you like.  Due to the bonded interface the load on the surface transfers to the solid.

Region by coincident surfaceRegion by coincident surface




Sorry for the late reply. Thanks to your reply i did a proper simulation thank you very much 🙂 🙂 :)♡