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NC post processing - needs better documentation?


NC post processing - needs better documentation?

I am now moving on to trying to understand post-processing, and it appears the included documentation is very poor. There is very little explanation of what is being chosen in the machine tool setup dialog when typing a "PP Name" and selecting a number. Here is the complete documentation:

Post Processor Options

  • PP Name—The name of the default post-processor associated with the machine. Type the name in the text box.
  • ID—The post-processor ID.

The Reset button lets you change the post-processor name and ID back to the default values.

Um, it'd be useful to know a little more of what I am supposed to be doing, but searching the help system for "uncx01" or "post processor list" doesn't turn up anything useful.

I decided to search the Pro-E program directory for anything with this name, and it turns up a bunch of files in "C:\Program Files\ProENGINEER Schools Edition\i486_nt"

The PP name and number apparently refers to one of these files. Except it also appears there is no documentation in the help system of what the names and numbers mean. Fortunately it seems these are all text files, and can be easily opened with Windows Notepad, so I am trying to document here what each post processing file is for......


Though it leaves me with yet another conundrum. Some are named d00, some are p00, some are f00, etc. You can't type a letter in the PP ID entry, only "unxc01" and a number from 1-99, so I still don't know what I am choosing by selecting a number.

Oddly, I can choose a PP number in that setup dialog box that doesn't correspond to any file number in here, such as 45. There is no "unxc01" with the extension d45, p45, f45, etc, but the program doesn't complain about this when I click OK, and gives no error, so I still don't know what I am doing.

Also, oddly some files internally list a different file name from what it is actually named, so I have highlighted these naming and numbering differences.:

And there is overlap of some post processor file numbers and models, so I don't really know what choosing the post processor "uncx01" number "20" is selecting: Apparently one of these:

  • uncx01.d20 - UNCX01.P20, 29-MAR-1999 14:44:48 V5.30, FANUC 9M CONTROL
  • unxc01.p20 - UNCX01.P20,16-MAR-1999 11:46:13 V5.30, LEBLOND/MAKINO FANUC 16M


Anyway here is the list of everything, and whatever internal file description I can find.


[ file name ] - [internal file description .......................................... ]

uncc01.f00 - "Default Laser FIL file created by the OFG"

uncl01.d01 - UNCL01.P01 29-MAR-1999 14:37:32 V5.30, FANUC 21T CONTROL

uncl01.d02 - UNCL01.P02 29-MAR-1999 14:51:11 V5.30, FANUC 6T CONTROL

uncl01.d03 - UNCL01.P03 29-MAR-1999 14:50:55 V5.30, FANUC OT CONTROL

uncl01.d04 - UNCL01.P04 01-APR-1999 15:16:44 V5.30, FANUC 10T CONTROL

uncl01.d05 - UNCL01.P05 01-APR-1999 15:16:57 V5.30, FANUC 11T CONTROL

uncl01.d06 - UNCL01.P06 01-APR-1999 15:17:10 V5.30, FANUC 12T CONTROL

uncl01.d07 - UNCL01.P07 01-APR-1999 15:17:20 V5.30, FANUC 15T CONTROL

uncl01.d08 - UNCL01.P08 29-MAR-1999 14:36:41 V5.30, FANUC 18T CONTROL

uncl01.d09 - UNCL01.P09 19-MAR-1999 11:59:26 V5.30, FANUC 16T CONTROL

uncl01.d10 - UNCL01.P10 01-APR-1999 13:45:49 V5.30, GE 2000T CONTROL

uncl01.d11 - UNCL01.P11 01-APR-1999 13:43:58 V5.30, GE 550T CONTROL

uncl01.d12 - UNCL01.P12 19-MAR-1999 14:10:59 V5.30, MELDAS 300L CONTROL

uncl01.d13 - UNCL01.P13 19-MAR-1999 15:44:31 V5.30, G&L NUMERIPATH 8000L CONTROL

uncl01.d14 - UNCL01.P14 29-MAR-1999 14:50:32 V5.30, FANUC 3T CONTROL

uncl01.d15 - UNCL01.P15 01-APR-1999 13:39:09 V5.30, GE 1050T CONTROL

uncl01.d16 - UNCL01.P16 01-APR-1999 13:03:44 V5.30, OKUMA OSP 3000L CONTROL

uncl01.d17 - UNCL01.P17 01-APR-1999 13:37:04 V5.30, G&L NUMERIPATH 800L CONTROL

uncl01.f00 - "Default Lathe FIL file created by the OFG"

uncl01.f11 - "Standard FIL Macro" / "3/14/199 : Version 1"

uncl01.f12 - IKEGAI TU15 FANUC 15T

uncl01.f13 - "Default Lathe FIL file created by the OFG"

uncl01.f14 - "Default Lathe FIL file created by the OFG"

uncl01.f15 - ?? No internal name

uncl01.k00 - "lathe gpost sample mark file for HTML package to build an index"

uncl01.p11 - UNCL01.P01 18-MAR-1999 18:07:14 V5.30, GILDEMEISTER LATHE W/ FANUC CONTROL

uncl01.p12 - UNCL01.P02 01-APR-1999 15:27:31 V5.30, IKEGAI TU15 - FANUC 15T

uncl01.p13 - UNCL01.P03 19-MAR-1999 12:39:24 V5.30, MOTCH MODEL 235D GE-1050

uncl01.p14 - UNCL01.P04 01-APR-1999 15:25:20 V5.30, MAZAK MZ1 GE550

uncl01.p15 - UNCL01.P05 01-APR-1999 15:28:24 V5.30, MORI SEKI SL1



unclas.f00 - "System Laser FIL"

unclas.s00 - "Gpost Laser System Startup File"

unclas.v00 - "Gpost Laser System Vocabulary Table"

uncmil.f00 - "System Mill FIL"

uncmil.s00 - "Gpost Mill System Startup File"

uncmil.v00 - "Gpost Mill System Vocabulary Table"

uncp01.f00 - "Default Punch FIL file created by the OFG"

uncpun.f00 - "System Punch Press FIL"

uncpun.s00 - "Gpost Punch Press System Startup File"

uncpun.v00 - "Gpost Punch Press System Vocabulary Table"

unctur.f00 - "System Lathe FIL"

unctur.s00 - "Gpost Lathe System Startup File"

unctur.v00 - "Gpost Lathe System Vocabulary Table"

uncw01.f00 - "Default Wire EDM FIL file created by the OFG"

uncwir.f00 - "System Wire FIL"

uncwir.s00 - "Gpost Wire EDM System Startup File"

uncwir.v00 - "Gpost Wire EDM System Vocabulary Table"

uncx01.d01 - UNCX01.P01, 17-MAR-1999 13:33:08 V5.30, HAAS CONTROL

uncx01.d02 - UNCX01.P02, 17-MAR-1999 14:02:47 V5.30, FADAL CNC 88 CONTROL

uncx01.d03 - UNCX01.P03, 17-MAR-1999 14:04:07 V5.30, FADAL CNC 32MP CONTROL

uncx01.d04 - UNCX01.P04, 17-MAR-1999 14:10:11 V5.30, FANUC OM CONTROL

uncx01.d05 - UNCX01.P05, 17-MAR-1999 14:18:22 V5.30, FANUC 6M CONTROL

uncx01.d06 - UNCX01.P06, 17-MAR-1999 14:17:38 V5.30, FANUC 10M CONTROL

uncx01.d07 - UNCX01.P07, 17-MAR-1999 14:18:46 V5.30, FANUC 11M CONTROL

uncx01.d08 - UNCX01.P08, 17-MAR-1999 14:25:26 V5.30, FANUC 12M CONTROL

uncx01.d09 - UNCX01.P09, 30-MAR-1999 11:09:20 V5.30, FANUC 15M CONTROL

uncx01.d10 - UNCX01.P10, 30-MAR-1999 11:09:32 V5.30, FANUC 16M CONTROL

uncx01.d11 - UNCX01.P11, 30-MAR-1999 18:44:22 V5.30, MITSUBISHI MELDAS SERIE 300M CONTROL

uncx01.d12 - UNCX01.P12, 17-MAR-1999 14:39:24 V5.30, FIDIA CNC CONTROL

uncx01.d13 - UNCX01.P13, 17-MAR-1999 14:49:53 V5.30, K & T CNC CONTROL

uncx01.d14 - UNCX01.P14, 17-MAR-1999 14:53:26 V5.30, HURCO CONTROL

uncx01.d15 - UNCX01.P15, 17-MAR-1999 15:11:17 V5.30, BRIDGEPORT DX-32 CONTROL

uncx01.d16 - UNCX01.P16, 17-MAR-1999 15:35:20 V5.30, BRIDGEPORT BOSS-8 CONTROL

uncx01.d17 - UNCX01.P17, 17-MAR-1999 19:04:17 V5.30, FAGOR 8050 CONTROL

uncx01.d18 - UNCX01.P18, 17-MAR-1999 19:13:08 V5.30, G & L 8000 CONTROL

uncx01.d19 - UNCX01.P19, 17-MAR-1999 19:19:44 V5.30, KT-GEMINI CONTROL

uncx01.d20 - UNCX01.P20, 29-MAR-1999 14:44:48 V5.30, FANUC 9M CONTROL

uncx01.d21 - UNCX01.P21, 29-MAR-1999 17:57:40 V5.30, VICKERS ACRAMATIC 2100 CONTROL

uncx01.d22 - UNCX01.P22, 29-MAR-1999 15:29:10 V5.30, MAZAK M32 CONTROL

uncx01.d23 - UNCX01.P23, 29-MAR-1999 17:23:08 V5.30, BRIDGEPORT BOSS 5.0 CONTROL

uncx01.d24 - UNCX01.P24, 29-MAR-1999 17:57:11 V5.30, ACRAMATIC 950M CONTROL

uncx01.d25 - UNCX01.P25, 29-MAR-1999 19:24:28 V5.30, ACRAMATIC 900M CONTROL - PQ VECTOR

uncx01.d26 - UNCX01.P26, 30-MAR-1999 10:50:44 V5.30, TOSHIBA TOSNUC 500 SERIE CONTROL

uncx01.d27 - UNCX01.P27, 30-MAR-1999 10:55:14 V5.30, TOSHIBA TOSNUC 800 SERIE CONTROL

uncx01.d28 - UNCX01.P28, 30-MAR-1999 11:01:55 V5.30, LIGHT MACHINES - proLIGHT 2000

uncx01.d29 - UNCX01.P29, 30-MAR-1999 11:11:02 V5.30, YASNAK MX1/MX2/MX3 CONTROL

uncx01.d30 - UNCX01.P30, 30-MAR-1999 15:09:07 V5.30, BOSTOMATIC SPC II CONTROL

uncx01.d31 - UNCX01.P31, 30-MAR-1999 16:05:10 V5.30, ALLEN-BRADLEY SERIE 9200 CONTROL

uncx01.d32 - UNCX01.P32, 30-MAR-1999 17:33:49 V5.30, GE 1050 M CONTROL

uncx01.d33 - UNCX01.P33, 30-MAR-1999 17:49:51 V5.30, GE 2000 M CONTROL

uncx01.d34 - UNCX01.P34, 30-MAR-1999 19:02:56 V5.30, MITSUBUSHI MELDAS SERIE 500M CONTROL

uncx01.d35 - UNCX01.P35, 30-MAR-1999 19:21:59 V5.30, WHITE SUNDSTRAN SWINC CNC CONTROL

uncx01.d36 - UNCX01.P01, 07-APR-1999 07:54:48 V5.30, MITSUBISHI 4-AXES TILT WIRE EDM

uncx01.d37 - UNCX01.P99, 07-APR-1999 09:28:37 V5.30, CREATIVE TECHNOLOGY CONTROL

uncx01.f00 - "Default Mill FIL file created by the OFG"

uncx01.f11 - ?? No internal name

uncx01.f12 - ?? No internal name

uncx01.f14 - ?? No internal name

uncx01.f15 - ?? No internal name

uncx01.f19 - ?? No internal name

uncx01.f20 - ?? No internal name

uncx01.f23 - ?? No internal name

uncx01.f24 - ?? No internal name

uncx01.f26 - ?? No internal name

uncx01.f37 - Cincinatti Maxim 630, 5 Axis MC w/ Acramatic 950 Controller

uncx01.f41 - Mitsibishi 4-axis wire, XY - UV using MULTAX-toolpath

uncx01.f43 - Mitsibishi 4-axis wire, XY - UV using 2-toolpaths

uncx01.f47 - AMADA PEGA Sheetmetal PP

uncx01.f48 - Strippit with FANUC P-6M

uncx01.f49 - "Default Mill FIL file created by the OFG"

uncx01.f50 - ?? No internal name

uncx01.f51 - WEIDEMAN Sheetmetal PP

uncx01.k00 - "sample mark file for HTML package to build an index"

uncx01.p11 - UNCX01.P02,12-MAR-1999 13:30:08 V5.30, HAAS VF8

uncx01.p12 - UNCX01.P12,12-MAR-1999 17:29:08 V5.30, NIIGATA HN50A - FANUC 15MA - B TABLE

uncx01.p14 - UNCX01.P06,17-MAR-1999 13:39:14 V5.30, FADAL VMC15 - CNC 32MP

unxc01.p15 - UNCX01.P08,17-MAR-1999 13:39:41 V5.30, FADAL VMC6030 - CNC 88 + VH65 A AXIS

unxc01.p19 - UNCX01.P04,13-MAR-1999 16:54:07 V5.30, TOYODA FH80B - FANUC 11M - 4 AXIS TABLE B

unxc01.p20 - UNCX01.P20,16-MAR-1999 11:46:13 V5.30, LEBLOND/MAKINO FANUC 16M

unxc01.p23 - UNCX01.P23,16-MAR-1999 11:57:29 V5.30, SHODA 5AXIS ROUTER

unxc01.p24 - UNCX01.P24,16-MAR-1999 12:00:35 V5.30, MAHO MH-1000S VMC/HMC - PHILIPS CNC 432 - 5 AXES

unxc01.p26 - UNCX01.P26,16-MAR-1999 12:03:51 V5.30, DYNA 2800 (DynaMite) / Dyna Electronics Control

unxc01.p37 - UNCX01.P37,16-MAR-1999 16:28:22 V5.30, CINCINNATI MAXIM 630 - ACRAMATIC 950 M - 5 AXIS

unxc01.p41 - UNCX01.P01, Nov 17, 2006 8:09:26 AM v6.1 P10, Mitsubishi 4ax Wire EDM with NCL=Multax toolpath

unxc01.p43 - UNCX01.P03 Nov 17, 2006 8:09:49 AM v6.1 P10, Mitsubishi 4ax Wire EDM: XY-UV with NCL=2-toopaths

unxc01.p47 - UNCX01.P01 15-MAR-1999 16:18:57 V5.30, AMADA PEGA

unxc01.p48 - UNCX01.P02 18-MAR-1999 12:07:53 V5.30, STRIPPIT MCINTOSH - FANUC

unxc01.p49 - UNCX01.P05 15-MAR-1999 17:38:18 V5.30, LASERDYNE 5-AXIS

unxc01.p50 - UNCX01.P04 16-MAR-1999 17:00:03 V5.30, 5-AXIS WATER JET W/NUTATING HEAD

unxc01.p51 - UNCX01.P05 18-MAR-1999 17:39:22 V5.30, WEIDEMANN - FANUC


[ file name ] - [internal file description .......................................... ]

uncx01.d00 - UNCX01.P01 22-MAR-1999 09:16:01 V5.30, DEFAULT MILL

uncx01.f00 - "Default Mill FIL file created by the OFG"

uncx01.inf - UNCX01.P00 02-JUL-96 14:22:38 V5.000.PC00, INTERCIM G-POST

uncx01.k00 - "mill gpost sample mark file for HTML package to build an index"

..very mysterious..


Accredited teachers have access to PTC's Precision LMS (PLMS) online tutorials. These cover almost every aspect of using Creo Elements/Pro including NC machining.

PLMS covers hundreds of topics and has the great benefit of being fully multi media. Each topic contains presentations explainign the key concepts, step by step guides and narrated screen videos.

Email - with details of your school and when you became accredited to gain access to Precision LMS.



Can anybody help me in getting Post processors for HAAS VF4 (HRT210 - 4th Axis) and HAAS ST20Y (Turn mill)?


Your help is highly appreciated.


Thanks in advance.

Check the GPOST Central page on PTC Tech support website :

Complete tutorials and sample post-processors are available for download

After much googling around and not coming up with much useful, I called the manufacturer of these mini mills and lathes, and they told me that it should work with a Fanuc Zero post-processor.

Is the "FANUC OM CONTROL" list above, a Fanuc Zero?

uncx01.d04 - UNCX01.P04, 17-MAR-1999 14:10:11 V5.30, FANUC OM CONTROL

The name there is "letter O, letter M", and I don't know if this is just a typo for "Fanuc 0M". None of the other listed Fanuc controllers start with a letter for the control name..


I have received free access (*Bows deeply for your helping a tiny cash-strapped school district*) to Precision LMS but unfortunately it does not go into detail about post-processors. This is the extent of what it says:

  • ncpost_type — You can control which post-processing module to use by setting the configuration option ncpost_type. The values are:
  • gpost (default) — Use the G-Post™ post-processors provided by Intercim Corporation.
  • ncpost — Use the NC manufacturing post-processors.


Also, as a Schools Edition user I don't have access to this. It comes up as "Unauthorized"....

GPOST Central page on PTC Tech support website :

I do not know what is the policy to access the tech support page for GPOST ... but

What is your exact brand and model of machine you are using and I will find it in our library.


I've seen this listed under several different names.

- SpectraLIGHT 0200 mill

- could also be listed as a "Light Machines" 200 mill

This is the product info page, with pictures:

Do you have a sample NC program for this machine and I will prepare a post for you ...

There are some similar ones in the library but not this one.

~ Francois

Dear Mr Lamy,

Can you help me to configure a postprocessor for our DMG DMU50 5-axis milling machine with Siemens 840Dsl control ?

I am a teacher at Lessius Mechelen, Campus De Nayer, Sint-Katelijne Waver, Belgium, Europe.

If you want to help me, I can give you all the information about the machine and its linear and rotational ranges etc.

Thank you very much.

Jozef Verheyen

There is a DMU50 post already available on the library on PTC.COM

What you will need to adjust is the pivot distance of the rotary axis and it should work as a basic PP.

Doing a complete 5 axis PP and particularly supporting cycles is not a simple task and require some expertise in both Creo NC and post-processing.

How do I change the NC pos and save him?

I can not change it!

My program is PTC \ Creo 2.0

I want to improve an existing command sinumerik with a machine, but I can not change and save!

Hi, Can anybody help me in getting Post processors for HAAS VF4 (HRT210 - 4th Axis) and HAAS ST20Y (Turn mill)? Your help is highly appreciated. email: Thanks in advance.

Hello everyone,

i see that you are disscussing about 5 axis ProE Postprocessors. Do you have any idea how to switch on RTCP in ProE. Im using some other softwares and it is very simple there : just check a box if you need RTCP or not.

I have Millplus, i have some 5 axis example, i know that G141 is doing RTCP on in MillplusIT but i have no idea what to set from ProEngineer WF 4.

Maybe you have an idea !

Thanks and have a nice day !



Hello, there's nothing to do at the Creo NC side, in the Gpost side enable it by set in the Machine Codes -> Tool Change panel by setting the setting the Tool Length Prep Code to 141. You also need to make sure your G address is set to 3 digits to the left of the decimal.





please share the suitable creo inbuilt PP for Fanuc 31-I  and Fanuc 32-I


10 years later and I am sad to say this is still true.  This module in Creo is extremely confusing, still not documented, and full of acronyms with no explanation of what they mean.  The post-processor list has not been updated for 15+ years and the list of wire EDMs is pathetic at a count of 3.

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