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Problem with Quality Agent


Problem with Quality Agent


I have recently downloaded Creo student edition and when i open Creo, this message appears:

"you must register the quality agent in order to continue running Creo Parametric in tryout mode; if you do not, Creo Parametric will shut down'.

I then have a yes and no option. If i click no, the software shuts down and if i click yes, the following message appears:

'Creo Parametric is shutting down'

'Cannot register quality agent: insufficient user access'

'Under administrator privilages,

*either customise the creo parametric installation to enable the quality agent

*or run Creo Parametric once to allow proper registration'.

I have dont kno what i should do next to correct this, any help would be appreciated.



Hi Niall,

I had a similar problem with Quality Agent. Adam, Tim and Dimitri were helpful in trying to solve the problem.

In my case when installing Creo I had unchecked the Quality Agent box thus blocking its installation. It seems that Creo will only run with Quality Agent installed and permited internet access.

I fixed it by uninstalling Creo fully from my computer and the carried out a fresh install, ensuring Quality Agent WAS selected for insallation and PERMITED through the internet fire walls in order for it to comunicate with, I assume, PTC. [Autodesk software has a similar arrangement]

Since doing this Creo has run without any problem until the annual license expired.

When renewing the license the license update option did not take correctly and produced the error and closure situation. Again resolved with a uninstallation/fresh installation and again all is great!

Hope this advice is of help


This problem has taken many forms over the last year. It seems just as we had it fixed, a new graphics driver would break it again.

Currently, development has a solid fix and they are working hard to have this fix put into the next build of Creo.

In the meantime, if you are having a Quality Agent issue, please submit an Academic Support Request. Someone from our team will be able to jump on your computer and fix it for you.

It should also be noted that this is only a problem in the academic world where customers more often than not are not using certified hardware combinations. This has not been an issue with our commercial customers.



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