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RWDC 2012


RWDC 2012

I recently registered two teams of students for the RWDC and am eager to start.

I'm downloading all the software to distribute to my students currently and read last years aviation challenge example report.

Registering for the discussions was the last on my list of items I can complete so far.

This is my fist time participating in the challenge and do not really know what to expect outside reading the report posted on the website.

I plan on meeting with my teams of students twice a week after school, as that is what I've read was done by other teams.

I would really apreciate hearing from veterans of the program:

How often do you meet with your students per week?

Have you ever had multiple teams, and how did it work out?

When will the mentor list be posted?

When will the challenge be posted?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Hi Anthony,

I am not sure if other have responded to your or not. Can you please let me know what state you are from?

I can send you message to the state coordinator and see if they can put you in touch with other teams.



I have assembled two teams for this year's challenge.

We are from:
Conard High School

West Hartford, CT

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