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Robotalk 2012 Mathcad Webinar 1 (September 5 2012)


Robotalk 2012 Mathcad Webinar 1 (September 5 2012)

Thank you to all of the participants in Week 1 of the 2012 Robotalk Webinar Series!

We covered the following toics in Week 1:

  • Understanding the Mathcad user interface
  • Using the Mathcad Help and Tutorials
  • Creating Math Regions and performing calculations
  • Creating Text Regions
  • Using Units in Mathcad Calculations
  • Creating a Basic Engineering Worksheet

We had a number of excellent questions, so we did not spend as much time on the prepared example worksheets as I had planned. But, I will attach the worksheets to this discussion so that Webinar participants have some example worksheets to explore. Feel free to ask questions about the worksheets next Wednesday night.

If you have not yet installed Mathcad Prime, remember that you can download the free trial to get started from this link:

Your Planet PTC username and password are the same as the account that you use to download the installation file.

Example Worksheet Descriptions:

Drive Train Worksheet.mcdx

A Mathcad Prime 2.0 worksheet that calculates the speed that a DC Motor will give to an FTC robot based on the gear box design.

Equality Symbols Example

A simple Mathcad worksheet to practice usign Mathcad's different equality symbols after viewing the video of the Webinar.

Kickoff Notes.mcdx

An example worksheet demonstrating how Mathcad Text Regions can be used to take notes for an FTC or FRC engineering notebook.

Spin Calculation.mcdx

A demonstration of how to use Mathcad to calculate values for programming in autonomous mode. The calculations produce the length of time required to run the motors for a spin turn (running motors so that the wheels on each side of the robot run in opposite directions).


That's great to hear that there were enough questions to sidetrack your presentation...and I wasn't even in attendance this time!

I look forward to joining in on the next webinar, along with the rest of the local teams.

Thanks for all the hard work!

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