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What's New in Creo Parametric 3.0


What's New in Creo Parametric 3.0

There are many new and exciting features in Creo Parametric 3.0. If you and your team have not made the switch yet, now's the time. This document is a quick online reference, but you can also download the attached PDF that provides details on all the items listed below.

If you've already got the software installed, just choose Getting Started from the Help icon in the upper right corner.

User Interface improvements

  • Automatic Window activation
    • No longer a need to manually activate a windows when switching
    • By default, option activate_window_automatically yes*/no
  • RMB commands
    • Selection based RMB commands modernized
    • Customization through Options dialog to allow enabling/disabling and reordering of commands
  • No Version extension
    • Config option to control  save_file_interationsYes*
    • Existing revisioned parts will remain

Part Modeling

  • User Interface Improvements
    • Removal of Menu Manager from feature operations
      • Feature Copy
        • Copy / Paste in Operations group and short cut keys
      • Reorder
        • New UI for dedicated to Reordering features
      • Insert Mode
        • Drag and Drop or RMB menu
    • Read Only
      • New User Interface
      • Read Only features are grouped in the model tree and shown with a lock icon
  • Spinal Bend New dashboard UI
  • Reference control
    • New edit referenced UI
      • Reroute feature and have ability to reroute other features with same references
      • Option to step through multiple solutions
      • Replace a Reference used in any or all features
    • Display missing references
      • Display the last successful regeneration of a reference
        • During Edit References, Replace References, Edit Definition, Reference Viewer and Troubleshooter
    • UDF placement
      • Auto advance and redefine feature enhancement
    • Paste Special
      • Auto Advance for references
  • Pattern Enhancements
    • Ref pattern from any pattern member
      • Features to be reference patterned can reference any pattern member, not just the pattern leader
    • Geometry Pattern Enhancements
      • Now handles topology change using attach option
      • Pattern only quilts with Copy option
  • Enhanced Collapse feature
    • Collapse any features into either independent or incremental geometry
    • Ability to keep Analysis, Annotation, Publish Geometry, & Cosmetic Features
  • Increase max draft angle up to 89.9 deg
    • In draft feature and tapered extrude
  • Ability to un-trim a surface or quilt
    • Un-trim to domain or envelope
    • Available through copy/paste
    • Fully associative to original surface
  • Chordal Round
    • Constant width rounds
    • Options for conic or C2, with shape controls
    • Rolling ball and Normal to Spine options
  • Boundary Blend improvements
    • Improve boundary Blend surface quality
    • Generates degree 5 surfaces
    • Option to optimize shape
    • Improved connections
    • Improve internal continuity
  • Enhanced Flatten Quilt
    • Ability to flatten non rectangular surfaces, quilts and solid geometry
    • Symmetry support
  • Connection Analysis tool
    • Ability to evaluate geometry connections
      • Surface to Surface, 2-sided edges, All edges, Curve to Curve
    • Analyze for G0, G1 and G2
    • Information displayed
      • Min/Max deviation
      • Color areas outside tolerance
      • Option to show porcupine curve
    • Control over tolerance to check against
  • New and improved analysis tools
    • More realistic display of Draft Analysis
      • Align result display with Display Style
      • Lighting support provides understanding of depth
      • Support for less than 3 and 4 colors in color plot
    • New 3D Thickness Check
      • Perform a wall thickness check for plastic and cast parts
      • Supporting check both on Part and Surface
      • Minimum thickness displayed
    • Knot Analysis
      • Display knots and/or control mesh for b-spline surfaces and curves
    • Reflection Analysis
      • Control whether to use model color
Sheetmetal Design
  • Form Enhancements
    • New User Interface and Workflow for Die Form
    • Flatten geometry attached to forms
      • Flatten Form supports unbent geometry
      • Flat Pattern unbends walls on forms first
  • Bend Enhancements
    • Bend Multiple Planes
      • Apply bends to multiple co-planar surfaces
    • Bend Line Relief Placement
      • Relief cuts normal to end of bend line up to bending plane boundary
      • No Relief extends bend to bending plane boundary
    • Create Multiple Bend Reliefs
      • Reliefs created as appropriate, not just at bend line ends
  • Rip Enhancement
    • Rip between different contours on the same surface
      • Sketched Rip
      • Rip Connect

Interactive Surface Design Extension

  • Sweep Enhancements
    • Support for high degree curves
      • Degree of surface will be defined by degree of curves
    • Support for constraints
      • Boundary edges can have connections applied (Normal, Tangent, Curvature, Draft)
    • Support for sweep when profile does not touch trajectory
      • i.e. sweep circle along a curve. For planar profiles only
  • Curve from Isoline
  • Geometry preview default to be solid shaded
    • Consistent with feature attach preview
  • Option style_merge_surfaces to control whether to merge surfaces on completion of Style feature
  • “Show trimmed Surfaces” default change
  • Import Curves from Creo Sketch


  • New Join command
    • Ability to Join faces and edges
    • Support for Join Mirror
    • Dependent on selection order
      • Second selected entity moves to first
    • Available in RMB menu
  • New Align to external geometry
    • Align to external curves or edges
    • Support for connects
      • Position, Normal & Tangent
    • Control over alignment limit handles
    • Support for:
      • 1 and 2 sided edges with or without creases
      • Mirror
    • NOTE: Selected curves/edges must be G2
  • Manipulation Performance
    • Faster manipulation of control mesh
      • Display quality and geometry reduction during drag operations
    • Available as an option (on by defaults)
      • option freestyle_drag_performance

  • Support for realistic materials
    • Different material classes, i.e. Metal, Glass, Plastic, etc.
    • Closely matched to ARX results
  • HDR support in shade with reflections
    • HDR image for reflections, lighting and background
    • Control intensity, saturation, rotation, zoom and height
  • Realistic bump mapping
    • Bump maps now appear in regular graphics
    • Procedural bumps also supported (in Shading With Reflections)
  • Ambient Occlusion
    • Occluded geometry is darkened
    • Generated in real-time as the model is rotated
    • option enable_ambient_occlusionyes/no*
  • Improved active component display
  • Reorient normal to face
    • Select an edge or face. Model oriented appropriately
  • Order independent transparency
    • Improved performance and added support for Nvidia
    • Allows for faster transparency display
    • Less artifacts due to sorting

2D & 3D Detailing

  • New Note Creation UI and New Format Tab
    • Dynamic preview of notes including leader attachments
    • On-screen editing of note text
    • New Format tab for editing note properties
    • Add parameter fields by picking from a list of standard parameters
  • New Dimension Creation UI and Workflow
    • Immediate preview of dimension upon selection of references
      • CTRL+select to choose additional references
    • Improved workflow for creating common reference dimensions
    • Dimension options accessible from right mouse button pull-down
  • GTOL Enhancements
    • ASME Y14.5-2009
      • All Over modifier for surface profile tolerances
      • Translation modifier for datums
    • ISO
      • Allow additional text below and on left of GD&T frame
      • Allow additional text above or below a GD&T frame to be justified horizontally
      • Reciprocity modifier for datums
  • Security Markings for 3D Annotations
    • Support for ASME Y14.41-2003
      • Ability to have a security marking permanently displayed
    • Notes and Symbols placed Flat to Screen can be designated as Security Marking
      • Only standalone annotations supported, NOT Annotation Features
    • These annotations will be added to all combination states
    • They will be permanently visible when published to PTC Creo View
  • Hyperlinks to Combination States
    • Note annotations may contain hyperlink to combination state
    • CTRL + Click the note and the model switches to the designated combination state
  • Symbols in 3D Notes
    • Ability to call out symbols in 3D notes
    • Use standard syntax:
      • &sym(NAME)
  • New Print and Preview UI
    • Consolidated Print and Print Preview Tab
    • Quick and easy access to all print configuration options
    • Accurate preview of the printed output

Exit Logger

  • New options expected for Creo Parametric 3.0:
  • session_log_username: Yes means provide real username; No provide "anonymous"
  • session_log_machine: Yes means provide real machine name; No provide "anonymous"

PTC Creo Intelligent Fastener Extension

  • PTC Creo Intelligent Fastener Extension is a new solution for all PTC Creo Parametric customers. Use PTC Creo Intelligent Fastener Extension to automate the assembly of fasteners from a comprehensive out-of-the-box library of screws, bolts, washers, nuts, and dowel pins.
  • To turn PTC Creo Intelligent Fastener Extension off, set the configuration option intelligent_fastener_enabled to no and restart PTC Creo Parametric.