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Sketcher Intent Manager

Sketcher Intent Manager

This feature is the new ribbons, which came from the new MS Office
suite. Expect to see this in the other modules in the future.

Actually you can select an object that is not related to your current
tab. Press the ALT key and then select the object.

I am still on WF4 but looking forward to upgrading.

Doug Pogatetz

Mechanical Design Engineer

Northrop Grumman Corporation


RE: Sketcher Intent Manager

I have to turn off intent manager on a semi regular basis (maybe once a month). The main reason for this is that it creates weak dimensions but, if I dimension according to the way that I want the sketch, it will sometimes keeps the weak dimension and tries to force me to deletemy dimensiondue to the sketch being over constrained. Even if I make the weak dimension strong it generally does not give me the option of deleting it when I add mine. Running WF4.

Sketcher Intent Manager


I completely disagree with automatically turning weak dimensions to
strong ones when you exit the sketcher. The dimensions are there, even
if they are strong or weak, you can always modify them.

Many times you have to exit the sketcher with an incomplete (not fully
dimensioned or constrained) sketch. Later on, when you are returning
back to the sketcher, you know that you have to do some work with the
weak dimensions... Also, when you are reviewing somebody else's models,
weak dimensions is a point that you have to consider.

Vassilis Anagnostopoulos*
O/H Doug Schaefer ?γραψε:
> Chris,
> Regarding your #3, every entity in sketcher is fully constrained when
> you create it. Pro|E throws dims and constraints on it to do so.
> What might be nice is a color break for user added constraints/dims vs
> Pro|E assumptions. It's there, sorta, in the gray vs. yellow, but
> some constraints come in yellow rather than gray. It'd be great if
> everything created by Pro|E was gray and everything created by the
> user or converted into strong by the user was yellow.
> I'd love an option to automatically turn all dims and constraints to
> strong when exiting sketcher. Sometimes I like the constraints that
> Pro|E adds, but going through one by one and 'strengthening' them is
> tedious. Exiting sketcher says I like the way it is, make it strong.
> *Doug Schaefer*

Sketcher Intent Manager

I can certainly see that this wouldn't be a universal request. Perhaps a config option to allow for this behavior if a user desires it.

More consistent handling of weak constraints is definitely needed. All Pro|E generated dims and constraints should be weak and weak dims & constraints should always be the first to be removed when there is a conflict.

Doug Schaefer
Doug Schaefer | Engineering Manager
Crow Works

RE: Sketcher Intent Manager

Personally, I would like to be prompted upon exit of whether I am complete, or not. If I am complete, then all weak dims could be made strong, otherwise the dims would be stored where they are. The issue I have with weak dims is when we say we'll "get back to them," many times we don't. Then later wemake a change and things happen we do not want—sometimes without our knowledge, if we're working on someone else's model, for example.


Sketcher Intent Manager

I agree, this would be good for weak dimensions and weak constraints


Sketcher Intent Manager

As a consulting company, we have to use the CAD our clients' ask for and
I've had had to do quite a bit in SolidWorks this week. I am going to jump
in and say that I will never complain about Sketcher or IM. It's amazing how
easy it is to find fault with something until you've used something that is
significantly worse. As a Pro/E user since 1993 Rev 7, I'd peg the quality
of SW's sketcher at nearly the quality of Pro/E's in Rev 7. I'll take
auto-created weak dimensions any day vs. a software that allows me to
complete a sketch with no dimensions.



RE: Sketcher Intent Manager

what is the benefit of converting weak dimension to strong ?

I usually don't mess around with changing weak dimensions to strong.

as long as they are attached to the reference that I want.

Dave McClinton

Sr. Mechanical Designer / System Admin

McKessson Autoamtion

724 741 7760

Sketcher Intent Manager

On the drafting side of things, the weak dimensions basically become
strong when you place the parametric dimensions on the views. I
personally would prefer if weak dimensions didn't show at all on the
drawings or they would be grayed out like they are on the sketcher.


Rick L.
Design Draftsman: Husky Corporation

Sketcher Intent Manager

As a user who does not us IM, would someone please explain what weak dimensions are? I can imagine but I would like to be sure.