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Added mapkeys not showing in Ribbon - Creo 1.0-m030


Added mapkeys not showing in Ribbon - Creo 1.0-m030

I have three mapkeys I'm trying to add to the ribbon and they don't show up. Other mapkeys show up no problem.

If I create a new cascade. The cascade shows up in the ribbon.


As soon as I add one of these mapkeys to the cascade, it disappears.


If I add a different mapkey to the cascade, it shows up.


Any ideas? The mapkey works if I type the key name.

The problem mapkeys are loading a config file to change the config option cleanup_drawing_dependencies.

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I have a workaround for the SPR.

Thanks to Olaf Corten, pointing out to me that the forward slash in the key name was the cause of the problem in the ribbon. The mapkey works when typed from the keyboard but you can't add it to the ribbon if it has a slash in the key name. The other thing he pointed out, that really helps with Creo, is you want to use cmdmgr_trail_output yes in your

I've also been playing around with where Creo stores the customizations to the ribbon. There are three possible locations. Creo will read all three.

1. The Creo loadpoint <--File has to be renamed

2. The Creo Cache <--The default location

3. The Startup Directory <--Requires a config option

By default the ribbon customizations are stored in a .ui file with this name:

The Creo Cache Location


Thanks for taking the time to summarise this little gotcha, I've been
trying to get this to work for a little while now and with this doc have
managed to do what I need, so thank you for this

Best Regards

Chris Collinson
CAD Administrator
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