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Advanced Layering Questions


Advanced Layering Questions

I have been diving into layering quite a bit lately. I have established 9 layers that seem to catch most of my geometry, but I still have some questions. Are there any other layers people would recommend to me and can you answer a couple of my outstanding questions.

I have set this up as a universal layering system for assemblies and parts to allow use of the "extend layers" functionality and I have set up a mapkey to restructure any assemblies/subassemblies/parts to this layering system. All layers are rule based, associative and non-discrimanant between part/assembly

1 datum planes - catch all datums

2 gtol planes - designating a plane puts it on this layer and removes from layer 1

3 all axes - all axis

4 all curves - curves and sketches (Feature => curves)

5 all dtm pnts - points

6 all dtm csys - coordinate systems

7 all surfaces - Need help with a good rules, i was told (feature => surfaces ) and (features != > wall surfaces) or (feature => transformed surface)

8 all annotations - catch all GD&T

9 all cosmetic threads - cosmetic threads ( feature => has threads)

Basically does someone have a good surfacing set of rules? Also, how are people dealing with assemblies that have imported parts that come in completely as surfaces. Also, is there any other layers I should consider adding to catch all non-solid features.

My last question relates to the drawing. When i go into a drawing it has all of the layers above plus an extra layer. This extra rule based layer includes all of the drawing notes, added dimensions etc. When I edit the rules of this layer, it is simply an annotation layer but when I preview it there is nothing there. I cannot seem to find this layer defined in the, metric.dtl, drawing.fmt, etc. Does anyone know where this layer comes from, since it is specific to the drawing?

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For the surface rules you have listed Look for: Feature and Look by: Feature, on the attributes tab select Type under the Rule section, and under the Criteria section look at the value list and you can find the values you listed. You can add more than one rule to a layer by building a Query. Build Query is found under the Options drop down. For import features such as those found in STEP and IGES files search by Type and Import Feature. You may also need to look by Quilts to collect surfaces. Try different values and see what works.

The extra drawing layer is a drawing layer that I believe was created by using the def_layer option in when the drawing template was created.

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