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Anybody here eliminating drawings?


Anybody here eliminating drawings?

Hi folks,

I keep hearing about the push for model centric information being the go to source of truth, which is great. But I'm also hearing about the possibility of getting rid of drawings, and having all the information in the 3d model for others to get.

So I have some questions:

  1. Obviously, if there are no drawings, any time somebody wants to gather information he would need to open up the model. Does that mean they need a license of Creo? Even suppliers?Or are there viewers that show this?

  2. How do you put in notes with leaders to geometry in the model?

  3. Is anyone here actually doing this? How is it working out for you?

Thanks in advance,

- Randy Mees



We've spent A LOT of time trying to go to "drawing-less" as we do more and more machining to solid models. We tried multiple methods of conveying surface finishes, GD&T, tolerance, material type, basic features, etc. (color coding, tolerance charts, minimal dimensioning, etc) w/o the end user needing a seat of Pro-e or Productview. It also made a huge difference that we buy from different vendors based on whoever has the lowest $$ quoted price this week and that they that may, or may not, have more modern equipment. In the end, it kept coming back to nothing could beat a detailed engineering drawing for getting all the information in one simple and easily accessible place that our tool room and all outside vendors can use. I'm very interested to see what responses you get regarding this subject. Please share your results.


Steve Shannon
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Take a look at ANSI Y14.41. This is the standard covering Digital Drawings.



Our company is looking into it. It is a big undertaking.

For us, essentially the drawing is being created in the model. There will be certain view planes where notations would be easily readable, and printable if required.
There is a JT file standard that will contain all the information, and it has free viewers.


Mechanical Design Engineer
Northrop Grumman Corporation
Rolling Meadows, Illinois

@ All

Currently we are working on a drawingless project.

Our goal ist to define all most important information to our 3D model and save them to CREO.

As downstream software we tried CREOview first. CREOview has some advantages for our production, but at the end there where more disadvantages on this. One major advantage is that you are able to see all dimensions of every featur inside CREOview, instead of creating annotations.

After a few tests and discussions with PTC, CREOview was out of scope, because PTC is not able to optimize CREOview the way we need it during a acceptable timeline. Maybe we will try later again, lets see what happens here.

Right now we are working on a 3D-PDF export. This 3D-PDF export is not included inside CREO. Here we are using an OV software which is a server based solution. We have defined different schema and templates and at the moment we convert all files automatically intodifferent 3D-PDF layout. Out of one CREO file we create different 3D-Drawings and share them inside the company, depending of the request.

At the moment it's only a pilot, and by end of 2013 we will run a gap analysis to find all advantages and disadvantages of this method.

Holger Ostroske

CAD/CAE Automation Analyst

Global Engineering Systems



Hi Holger,

I really think you ought to take a closer look at Creo. If you’re using Creo Parametric for your product definition it’s really easy to prepare the model so that Creo View output is compliant with ASME y14.41 (

Is there a Model parameter for the Tolerance set in Model Properties that can be extracted to the drawing?

This would allow mw to have the tolerance standard such as ISO 2768 m K extracted from the model and displayed on the drawing.

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I see that this is a old post but it was referenced by one I had recently.

We have been creating 3D definition for awhile using the annotation views in the models to simulate drawings (for the most part).

We are then outputting them to a 3D pdf file using Anark software since Creoview is unable to view these adequately.

You end up with a 3D model on a format and you can switch between annotation views and spin or display them as wanted.

All this can be done in Adobe Reader so anyone down stream can use the 3D pdf.