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Assembly X-Section does not show in drawing


Assembly X-Section does not show in drawing

Topic: Assembly X-Section does not show in drawing.

I've done this a 1,000 times and so I'm not sure why the cross-section I
created does not appear in my drawing.

* Section - Full - Arrow Display, Model EdgeVisibility: Total.

* When I hover my mouse over the component, the cross-section

* All components show as restored (not Excl) under MOD XHATCH.

* I do know of "Interference" issues, but I don't think this


Any ideas?


Yes this is my Section view:

When I hover my mouse over same view



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Thanks to Richard for what worked for me (see answer below).

Thanks again guys!


I've occasionally seen this happen as well. It is not necessarily an
interference issue, but I would guess that there is some odd tangency
issue or something that your section cuts through that will not allow the
section to be created. Helical components and bent tubing sometimes cause
the problem for me. As a work around, you can move the section .001/.002
off center or create an offset section that just cuts through the geometry
that you need to section.
Changing the accuracy of the assembly will sometimes also help.

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