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Changing height of text in a table


Changing height of text in a table

OK this is killing me. I have a huge table and all the cells are the
same text height. I am trying to change the height of all the cells.
BTW the table belongs to the drawing format. Something I want to handle
programatically becaue the table is is many drawings and the contents
vary. Seems straight forward enough.

ProDwgtable Sht2Table;

ProDwgtable UpperBOMTable;

ProDtlnote TabNote;

ProDtlnotedata notedata;

ProDtlnoteline *note_lines;

ProDtlnotetext *note_text;

double hgtval;

ProLine myliner;

just to mention I am writing this data just before (looping thru the
table), i don't thik it matters, when I check the data is the same and
i am getting good return values.

rtn = prodrw_write_cell_in_table (p_draw, mtid, DescCol, Mfg_nRow,
nTexts, line_array);

ProDwgtableCellNoteGet(&UpperBOMTable, DescCol, Mfg_nRow, &TabNote);

tkerr = ProDtlnoteDataGet (&TabNote, NULL, PRODISPMODE_NUMERIC,

tkerr = ProDtlnotedataLinesCollect(notedata, ¬e_lines);

tkerr = ProDtlnotelineTextsCollect(note_lines[0], ¬e_text);

tkerr = ProDtlnotetextHeightGet (note_text[0], &hgtval);

fprintf( bugstream, "height %f\n", hgtval); height is what
I expect

ProDtlnotetextStringGet(note_text[0], myliner);

fprintf( bugstream, "height %S\n", myliner); text is what I
expect. just checking

tkerr = ProDtlnotetextHeightSet (note_text[0], 3.0);

fprintf( bugstream, "cccell %d\n", tkerr);

tkerr = ProDtlnotetextHeightGet (note_text[0], &hgtval);

fprintf( bugstream, "height %f\n",
hgtval); yes it shows it changed

tkerr = ProDtlnoteModify (&TabNote, NULL, notedata);

fprintf( bugstream, "ddcell %d\n", tkerr);
returns a o

tkerr = ProDtlnoteShow (&TabNote);

fprintf( bugstream, "eecell %d\n", tkerr);
returns a -1 general error

I'm stumped. Is it possible this cannot be done because this table
belongs to a format? am I missing an obvious step??

Mark Steffke
Engineering System Administrator
The Delfield Company
Manitowoc Foodservice
T 989.775.9215 or 989.773.7981, ext 12484
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Hi all,


There are missing statements after:

tkerr = ProDtlnotetextHeightSet (note_text[0], 3.0);

It should be followed by:


ProDtlnoteldataLinesSet ...


Otherwise how the notedatalines would know about the modifications to a text height.