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Community Tip - Want the oppurtunity to discuss enhancements to PTC products? Join a working group! X etc. file locations

1-Newbie etc. file locations


I recently got a new PC and reinstalled ProE. I saved my, and syscol ect, ect, to disc so they were not lost, then put them in a folder on my new PC.

How can I tell ProE where to look for these files so they load up automatically on start up? I would prefer to have all these in an easy to find folder, rather than putting each one in a specific directory.


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You can put them in your start in directory. You can tell Pro/E where to find files like tree.cfg and syscol and appearance.dmt. But you cannot tell it where to look for the and files since it looks in to get the other locations. One of the default locations to put the config files is your start in directory, so Pro/E will read them each time it loads. You can also put config files in the directory that you make your working directory. But I am not really sure on that.

Finally, if you want them in the best place put them in ProELoadPoint\text. This is usually the directory that a corporation will put them. Then the individual users can put their personal file in the start in directory. Pro/E defaults to load the text directory copy first then the startin directory copy gets loaded over top of the other.

Hope that make sense.

There are three places that Pro/Engineer looks for files.

1. "text" folder of Pro/Engineer install

2. Home directory
Unix: $HOME

3. Startup folder

Just for fun, here's some enhancement requests I've been
waiting ten years for (but not holding my breath):

1) "Include" option to read in other files

INCLUDE f:\corp\stds\

Note that included files may include other files

2) "Search path" option to read in files from other folders

CONFIG_SEARCH_PATH install home working f:\corp\stds\

3) Condition clauses to control which options are set

PLOTTER checking_plotter_in_room_47
PLOTTER drafting_plotter_in_franks_cube

Note that environment variable are already usable in files

If you combine these, you could get something like this:

INCLUDE f:\corp\stds\

INCLUDE f:\corp\stds\
INCLUDE f:\corp\stds\

An "include" option alone would allow a company to have a one line

file in the install\text folder that would never have to change, because it refers

to files elsewhere. No more copying files around when Pro/E starts.

Hello Marc,

I know this post is pretty old now but can you tell me how I can identify my homepath (i.e. Windows: %HOMEDRIVE%%HOMEPATH%) as well as my startup folder within my installation of Pro/E WF4.0? Also after a fresh installation would the "Home Folder" and the "Startup Folder" be the same location?

The reason I ask is the changes I am making to my don't seem to be taking effect and I am trying to troubleshoot.



HOMEDRIVE adn HOMEPATH are windows cariables. Type "set" at a command prompt adn you'll see all the defeinted Windows variables.'

The startup directory is defined by the shortcut used to launch Proe. Check the shortcut's properties to see what the "Start In" field is set to.

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