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Tools for comparing/combining cofig files?


Tools for comparing/combining cofig files?

Hello All,

We are unifying multiple environments, and the software updates to common codes seems to almost be the easy part.

Other Condierations:

  1. Load point

  2. Work dir

  3. Cache

  4. Start parts/Formats

  5. Config files and options

I am sure someone has done this before...

I think we are pretty good on the first 3

My questions are,

  1. Is there any documentation availble for this?

  2. Does any one have any toolls or spreadsheet examples they can share?

  3. Best practices and suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

David T. Francis

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For configs I've used UltraEdit in the past. That has a document comparison tool.

Not sure about Notepad++. I'm using Crimson right now but I didn't see any sort of comparison tool included.

Beyond Compare works well. You can compare files (.txt) and folders



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Notepad++ has a plugin you have to download, but it does do compare after you install it.

I run a Wiki installation. To do comparisons I create a page, drop in the first one, save it, edit, and replace contents with the second one.

Not only does the History do a line-by-line compare, being in the Wiki it doesn't get accidently over-written, edited, or deleted.

And all the various versions can be a single page. The various config options/commands can be linked to documentation inside or outside the Wiki. Pretty handy for getting quick answers.

Gotta love a Wiki.