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Creo 1.0 M050 disappears


Creo 1.0 M050 disappears


Do we have any clue why creo crashes and just disappears? It’s not associated with any specific task, but it happens
virtually every time I work in it. We’ve had the issue for years from Wildfire all the way to Creo and I’ve never heard about any solutions. It seems like the issue has only gotten worse and more frequent. It’s getting really old. Anyone else dealing with this?




Do you have a computer with a certified graphics card? That is usually what makes PTC CAD software unstable.

Do you know that PTC stopped supporting Creo 1.0 in October 2012! Upgrade to Creo 2.0 m100 and see what happens.

Creo requires more computer resources than WF4 did. If you have the same computer, it may be time for an upgrade to the hardware but at least upgrade your graphics drivers.

Agree with Ben. Also review all video card settings, and update drivers. Our nvidia quadro series required 320 or later drivers. (CS110928)


Creo 2.0 M090

To add to what has been said, we never went to Creo 1 but started with Creo 2 M030. We have had lots of stability issues up to M090. We are now seeing much better stability. I think that after you make sure that all your drivers and such are up to date, you may just need to go to a more stable version.

Ronald B. Grabau
Roseville, CA

Attention: Creo 7.0 Customers
Please consider upgrading
End of Life announcement here.

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