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Creo 2.0 not launching on New Windows 10 PC


Creo 2.0 not launching on New Windows 10 PC

I am using Creo Parametric 2.0 M250
EDIT: I had forgot to mention that this was occurring only during and RDP session, all of your input is valuable, using the integrated graphics chip does work much better during RDP, i just disable the NVIDIA graphic adaptor in the device manager during RDP sessions. this is a viable workaround until I find the root cause. It does the same behaviours for Creo 7 so now at least I can open a ticket.

Creo 2.0 M250 will not launch on a new Windows 10 PC but works fine on other Win 10 PCs. Creo will launch if I add the win32GDI switch to the launch shortcut.
8 users have been using this configuration of Creo 2 for years on win 10 but with new PCs it will not start.
xtop.exe is not running, it is as if the shortcut is not pointing to the parametric.exe but when win32GDI is added it works.
My workaround is not viable during this work from home period as the Win32GDI graphics are impossibly slow.
The workstations have Intel CPU, 32 GB RAM and a Quadro RTX 3000 graphics card with a "clean install" of the latest graphics drivers.

Here are the errors that I faced
No error messages, no dialog boxes, nothing in the std.out, no traceback log.
I suspect it is some incompatibility with a Windows 10 update or an issue in the profile. At least 3 users are affected.
Has anyone had this experience?
Our upgrade is months away.


If win32gdi works that means that there is an issue with your graphics card. Win32GDI bypasses the graphics card and uses the CPU for graphics. You don't mention your computer manufacturer, but it doesn't appear that the Quardo RTX 3000 is supported with Creo 2.0 


I would check if the other PCs that work have different graphics cards that are supported in the above link. If so then you know it is because of the Quadro RTX.

23-Emerald II

Since the wind32gdi graphics option works, it is a graphic issue. You mentioned "latest graphics drivers". It may be necessary to find the specific graphics driver that works for your specific hardware.  There have been windows updates that mess up creo along with anti virus software (sentinal one is the specific virus software I had issues with but it was corrected via update or setting)


I hope that you understand that it is problematic to use old Creo 2.0 with new Quadro RTX 3000 card. Their "date of birth" is very different. Maybe you can unmount Quadro RTX 3000 card and use Intel card integrated on motherboard.

Martin Hanák
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