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Creo Elements Direct Licensing issue


Creo Elements Direct Licensing issue

Hey everyone.

I have been having an issue ever since our previous CAD support person, notice I said previous , modified my system to use floating licenses.

Now everytime I start the application I get a message saying that the portable license has expired dated 11/23/2012.

Yes I have been clearing and closing the window since then because we don't know what he did.


Also, now I am unable to check out portable licenses using the licensing configuration client.


Now we aer stumped and his recent response was to re-image my laptop and reinstall the software.

Anyone have experience with this?

We have tried everything.



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Hello Bill,

Did you try checking in just the ones that are checked as float current? I think there is also a way on the license server that you can do this too.

Yes we did and it did not work.

It seems that our previous CAD admin may have checked out the licenses while he was signed in on his account.

I had him log onto my PC under his account and it seemed to reset the licenses.

If a license is checked out is it reset when it expires when the user logs on the next time?

It seemed to be stuck in limbo causing me to be unable to check out any licenses.

Now that he has logged in and out it works.


From what I remember it is checked out to a specific user, so having that user login it should check it back in. You can either wait until is expires or I think you can force a check in any time.

Hi Michael.

We were able to solve it by having him log into my PC and run the license server. That seemed to reset the licenses that were checked out in his name. All is right now. What I would get everytime I logged into Model Manager is a window that said that the licenses were expired. They expired back in November 2012 and ever sice I would get that window. Our previous CAD guy was.... a little short on knowledge to be frank. Thanks for the response. Cheers! Bill.

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