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Creo Elements license server shows to much information


Creo Elements license server shows to much information

There was an update to the Creo Elements licenser server software that is causing many enties on the web page when setup to log all the file imports which we use to retieve files id they have been accidentally deleted by the user. When the new version of the license server is set as below the infos are appearing on the web page. If the message priority is not set to infos, the log will not have the information required to find the file name to restore the deleted file. Is there a way to Turn off the web page logging but still have the file information appear in the log file?

Message Priority INFO
Event Message Priority WARNING



PTC Case 11182848


Subject of this Thread is "license server" but should be "File Server".

Two different "variables" control the level of details:

- Message Priority

- Event Message Priority

I have written an article for the PTC Knowledge Base:

If anything is unclear, let me know.

Hello Max see settings below and the messages that are appearing in the web page. Are these setting correct to keep the rcp put and get messages out of the web page?

file server.jpg

Hello Max,

If I was able to change the original post title I would. I cannot find a way to change from License server to file server.

Hi Michael,

Did you manage to reduce the "verbosity" of your File Server meanwhile?

The Screenshot indicates that you are logging with "INFO" Level - and the File Server is obviously too chatty at this level.

Please refer to my article and try to reduce the logging level.

btw. other customers like the new Feature, because it allows them to analyze:

- which IP (=host Name) is pulling (=accessing) which files?

This can be used for different purposes, e.g.

- security Monitoring

- cost calculations (which department has accessed how many files in a given time Frame)?

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