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Creo Parametric config.sup location


Creo Parametric config.sup location

I'm trying to load the config.sup in the text directory under common files\M020 and it's just not working. Does anyone know where the config.sup should be loaded?

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OK, I verified with PTC that the config.sup file should be stored in the <loadpoint>\Creo 1.0\Common Files\M020\text folder. The only problem with this is I willl need to change my startup script everytime we update to a new build.

The reason my script wasn't copying the config.sup to the folder was my fault. I had a space between the g and the period. Unbelievable.

Also, Creo now creates a file in your start in folder. This file gets updated everytime you load Creo. You can no longer view config files independently inside of Creo. It displays all config options in one view. PTC told me that there may be an SPR to change that. (I hope so).

23-Emerald IV

If they are all combined into one in-session config file, does that mean that users can override the in-session settings that were loaded from a config.sup file? In the past, even if you changed a setting in-session, it still wouldn't override the config.sup file's setting.

Tom Uminn
Systems Administrator
trans-matic Mfg.

No, the config.sup still rules supreme. I tested it to make sure.

On the '' issue, I filed a case on this back in
November and I see that an SPR was created on it
do set BUILD=%%A

You'll need to set the "%proe_load_point% variable appropriately or
replace it with ...

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