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Creo *.hol file


Creo *.hol file


I'm looking for some standard sizes for holes (*.hol) that include the sizes for standard holes.

I'm asking for this because all the time when I'm creating a standard hole, tap, clearance hole I need all teh time to adjust the standard drilling depth, Tap depth, contersink, counterbores.

Usually PTC should create some standard sizes in *.hol that are specified in handbook but these size are not configured and all the times designer need to enter these values.

In real life when I'm buying a car, dealer give me the keys and I can drive now and probably in 99.9 % of the case is working with all caracteristics.

If I was buying a car from PTC, next day I was supposed to adjust settings for engine, noise for belt.... I have no clue what other updates need to be done.

I'm so frustrated of these because I have some collegues that need start with Creo after they used Solid Works for many years and the basic thing is to create a hole.

In Solid Works they have sizes for all standard, but in creo now they need to enter them manually or somebody need to configure them in *.hol.

Is it there any standard *.hol files that can be shared with us and make them happier using these holes already done?

Thank you,


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I'm pretty sure they do follow a standard.

I just went through this with my Tool Design department. Their claim was that the .hol files weren't correct according to standards. I asked them to show me. In the end the standards showed the .hol were correct and their assumptions were wrong. I think it was the Machinist's Handbook.

PTC does supply a standard set of *.hol files with Creo. Your administrator may have moved them or renamed them if you cannot find them.

I have found over the years that while PTC uses a standard for their hole sizes, they may not match what your shop is using for standards based on material or fit. The hole files are easy to edit to give your designers the proper hole sizes that your shop may use.

You may want to check out this thread and the ones contained inside

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